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Material Handler Job Description

The Material Handler is responsible for assisting with the efficient operation of the Distribution Center.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • The Material Handler is responsible for handling all stock items.
  • The Material Handler is responsible for receiving deliveries into the warehouse.
  • The Material Handler is responsible for filing orders given to him/her by the different departments.
  • The Material Handler is responsible to handle highly confidential information or items like cash.
  • The Material Handler must have a high school diploma and experience working in a warehouse.

The position of the Material Handler within any corporation is highly regulated and the individual must show that they have high integrity, honesty and capable of handling situations discreetly. The Material Handler must also have a valid driver’s license and in some cases a chauffer’s license. The Material Handler must be able to drive heavy duty machinery like Hi-Low’s, etc. The Material Handler maybe required delivering certain items personally because of their content and confidentiality involved.

The Material Handler is in charge of stock that comes into the corporation from supplies to production to office supplies and confidential materials that must go to the corporate heads. The items must all be accounted for and put in the appropriate areas. This requires the Material Handler to keep an accounting of merchandise received and merchandise delivered or put into stock for future delivery. The Material Handler must have the capability to make out reports, do math, and use the computer in order to record daily events. The Material Handler is expected to be able to train others to help with unloading trucks and putting goods in stock or taking the goods that are in stock to the production lines. When the Material Handlers department receives goods they are expected to be able to sign the bill of lading and then enter it into the computer so that the managers over the production will know what is available. The goods are put in the stock room for future deliveries. Afterwards the Material Handler may receive orders to deliver to different departments goods needed for production.

The processing of receiving tickets or bills of lading is vital to everyone in the corporation from the production line to the accounting department. The accounting department needs to know the goods are received before they can pay the invoice on the merchandise. The production line foreman needs to know that his crew has enough raw materials to work their shift. The main office needs to know that production schedules are being processed on time. That is why the handling of the receiving tickets is very important. The Material Handler must work additional hours when it is necessary to help maintain a well run department. Sometimes trucks do not run on schedule and goods are delivered after hours or right at the close of the shift meaning the Material Handler will need to stay longer to receive the goods and place it in the proper place in the warehouse. The Material Handler does need a good stamina in order to work this position as they are required to do a lot of heavy lifting, bending, and stretching. The Material Handler must be knowledgeable on how to perform these functions in a safe secure manner. Also the Material Handler must train his team the proper methods of lifting, bending and stretching. The Material Handler often trains his crew how to drive a Hi-Low and sees to it that they are properly licensed for these functions. In case of an emergency situation the Material Handler must know what to do and take charge. In some warehouses dangerous chemicals maybe delivered and the Material Handler needs to know how to handle these types of items in a safe manner. They must take training from HAVOC and other chemical related groups to handle in coming chemicals.

The job of the Material Handler requires the person to be very strong but it also requires them to be capable of using a computer, software programs, and making internet connections. The Material Handler needs to check with their suppliers about late or lost shipments. Many warehouses require the Material Handler to order stock when they are notified by the team leaders that they are in need of certain items for production. The Material Handler needs a high school diploma and some college would be very helpful but experience is mostly required for this position.

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