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Mechanical Engineering Technician Job Description

The Mechanical Engineering Technician usually assists the Mechanical Engineer in their design, development, production, testing, operating and maintenance of mechanical equipment.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Mechanical Engineering Technician may assist in the maintenance of industrial machinery.
  • The Mechanical Engineering Technician works on a wide variety of products that range from automobile engines, air conditioners, and power saws, to nuclear reactors.
  • The Mechanical Engineering Technician may work on such things as elevators and printing presses.
  • The Mechanical Engineer Technician may also work on the tools and machines needed to make such products.
  • Mechanical Engineer Technician may get their training at a vocational high school program or at acommunity college.

Mechanical Engineer Technicians normally get their first job by high school placement offices or sometimes they can get employed by finding an ad in the classifieds. Many companies list the jobs for Mechanical Engineer Technicians in the classified ads and will hire anyone who has had two years training and some experience. The average Mechanical Engineer Technicians has the opportunity for advancement in accordance with their education and experience. There are many Mechanical Engineer Technicians who advance their education and become a Mechanical Engineer. There is no problem for advancement and the job opportunities are great in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering Technicians field is very broad in that they are very active in the design, development, production, testing, operation, and maintenance of mechanical equipment, tools, and industrial machinery. Technicians work on products that range from automobile engines to nuclear reactors. The Mechanical Engineering Technicians are concerned with tiny parts for delicate instruments. Then there are those Mechanical Engineer Technicians who are concerned about the gears for machines such as bulldozers. The Mechanical Engineer Technician has a wide variety of names such as automotive technicians, diesel technicians, depending on their field. Others are known as tool designers, mechanical drafters, or production technicians which depend on the job that they do within their field of expertise. The Mechanical Engineering Technicians work in plants and factories in all sections of the country. There are some Mechanical Engineers Technicians who work for government agencies or consulting firms.

Mechanical Engineering Technicians work in design and development. They usually work very closely with the Mechanical Engineers who create or improve products ranging from mechanical pencils to complex spaceships. The Mechanical Engineer Technician spends most of their time at the drawing board. They prepare drawings or layouts of the product being developed. The Mechanical Engineer Technician maybe asks to draw an engine for a new automobile that will fit inside the car and attach to other vital parts of the cars running mechanisms. The Mechanical Engineer is responsible to make sure that the engine they draw is the right size for the space but is feasible and will work to make the car run.

The Mechanical Engineer Technician must make sure that when they are making drawings for a product that it not only fits the purpose but it is a workable product. When the Mechanical Engineer Technician draws the product they must also make detailed drawings of each screw, nut, bolt, and gear to be used in the engine. Then the Mechanical Engineer Technician must estimate how much it will cost to make the engine and how well it will work. The Mechanical Engineer Technician must take into account the friction, stress, strain and vibration that the various parts of the engine will have to endure. Mechanical Engineering Technicians often use complex instruments, testing equipment, and gauges in their work. The Mechanical Engineering Technicians is responsible to test models of the engine, write up reports, and suggest better ways to make the engine.

Other Mechanical Engineering Technicians work in production. These Mechanical Engineering Technicians work in production making layouts of each step to be taken and each part to be made in the production. The Mechanical Engineering Technicians who specialize in tool design make drawings of the tools, jigs, dies and other devices needed to mass-produce each part for the engine. Many Mechanical Engineering Technicians focus on the improvement of the design of existing tools. While there are some Mechanical Engineers who make estimates of the cost of labor and the best use of the plant space. These engineers help with any production problems and test the machinery that will be used for the production.

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