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NDT Assistant Job Description

NDT stands for Nondestructive Testing which is a test that doesn’t destroy the test object. NDT is used for construction and maintenance of all types of structures and its components. NDT assistant will assist NDT technicians in performing specific nondestructive tests, calibrations, and evaluations for rejection or acceptance determinations. The NDT assistant is also assigned in receiving both the job and the classroom training and also the development to further their career as an NDT technician.

What is an NDT Assistant?

An NDT assistant is a person who performs basic nondestructive test activities like operations of test equipments with appropriate supervision from certified personnel. He/she is also responsible in assisting in the reconditioning and exploration of unacceptable material conditions that is identified using nondestructive test procedures. Maintaining and updating test information in different databases.

Duties of an NDT Assistant

  • An NDT Assistant should utilize and set up equipment in nondestructive test. They also assist the NDT technicians in the calibration of NDT equipments.
  • Assisting the NDT technicians in conducting tests in order to ensure the quality or detecting discontinuities using the NDT procedures of inspecting. They also record the results of the inspections and also perform NDT methods and other operations.
  • They are also responsible in performing tasks that are job related as assigned by the management.
  • The major responsibility of an NDT assistant is to assist the technician in all types of activities in their work.

Work Conditions of an NDT Assistant

NDT assistants are working in indoor and outdoor environments in conditions of the extreme heat and cold. Their work involves carrying, lifting, moving, objects in excess of 100lbs, and working off of ladders, climbing, stairs, and scaffolding in excess of 100ft. Standing for extend periods of time and working in extended hours may also be done. They are also working near industrial hazards. They are also provided uniforms and equipments that can help doing their work in a good way.

Educational Requirements of an NDT Assistant

To become an NDT assistant, one must have a High School Diploma or any equivalent and some college is also required. Some state also needs a technical background. The applicant must also strong and hard-working. He/she must also have mechanical aptitude, teamwork, and the ability to follow procedures and directions. The applicant must also have the willingness to travel.

Occupation and Progress of an NDT Assistant

An NDT assistant can give several opportunities. Those who would like to get a career in this field must expect adequate pay and that there will be a tough competition if they want to get in popular and well-known companies since the slots can be limited. However, some NDT assistants choose to have their own business and others become hard working to raise their positions.

There are lots to appreciate about assisting careers; however, there are only a few who can truly appreciate the passion of their job. If you want to achieve success, you must start in small things and grow until you reach your dreams in life.

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