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NGO Coordinator Job Description

An NGO is one of the sectors that are of great help in the achievement of a society’s full potential and for the people to achieve their goals. Together with the government and private business sector, they work together for the good of the citizens. An NGO would usually hire a coordinator to monitor and help in the planning and organization of the activities.

If you think you have what it takes to become an NGO Coordinator then read more about this job.

What is an NGO Coordinator?

An NGO Coordinator is someone who supports in developing strategies and programs that is related to uplift the civil society. They make sure that there is a good relationship between the different bodies of government and other sectors that influence the organization.

Duties of an NGO Coordinator

  • NGO Coordinators makes and implements development programs of staff, the schedule of trainings for volunteers, the right tools and methods to be used for them to produce a strong team for their organization. They are the ones who take note of the practices used to help in the development of a community.
  • Preparing the needed materials, submitting reports, handling the correspondence and drafting the evaluations is part of the responsibilities of an NGO Coordinator. They are the one who schedule the meetings with other organizations, make travel arrangements and plan workshops for their staff.
  • NGO Coordinators also make new set of administrative procedures as required by the rules and regulations of the organization. They also make sure that there is a good flow of information within their group.
  • An NGO Coordinator assist volunteers in developing ideas and finding the best tool to be used in a fund-raising activity. They encourage other organizations to participate especially during emergencies and disasters to give assistance.

Work Condition of an NGO Coordinator

  • NGO Coordinators works in a fast-paced environment. They work under pressure and always have deadlines to meet. At times they will be working on their own but most of the time they will be working groups together with other staff and volunteers.
  • Their working hours depends on their assignment but they usually work the regular working hours per day. They may be asked to travel to places to meet with sponsors and other sectors that would help their organization.

Educational Requirement of an NGO Coordinator

To have this job, one is required to have bachelor’s degree in business management and other related fields. Other employers would prefer those who have a Master’s Degree in the same field. They should also have the experience related to this job to be hired as an NGO Coordinator.

Occupation and Progress of an NGO Coordinator

For one to be successful in this career they should be able to take all the responsibilities that this job demands, they should be aggressive and organized at the same time. If they are able to prepare and direct a lot of things at a time and are good in dealing with other member of the team then they have a bright future ahead of them as an NGO Coordinator.

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  1. working as a volunteer coordinator for my organisations has really helped in shaping my life no matter what the situation is/was.

  2. DM heath and health related consultacny project work as coordinator ,this project mainly focus on HIV/ADIS Prevention program

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