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OEM Sales Manager Job Description

A profession in sales can be a lucrative one. It can be overtly demanding and stressful however the gratifying feeling of seeing your product rise into the peak of the market is priceless. One can venture into this field by being an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sales manager. This job can be described as follows:

What is an OEM Sales Manager?

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Sales Manager will be answerable for sustaining and uplifting business into business sales. Therefore, an OEM sales manager should be responsible with the business sales of OEM products and technologies that should be disseminated to other companies within the area or scope of responsibility of its company. The person in this position is tasked to increase the OEM sales volume within its area of responsibility as well. With the use of a range of account activities, outstanding customer service, and the utilization of pertinent knowledge he/she would be able to increase the salability of the OEM products that he/she is representing.

Duties of an OEM Sales Manager

  • An OEM sales manager has an overall accountability for the sales status of the OEM products in its area of responsibility. Also, the said person is also responsible for the ownership of the OEM products’ sales.
  • He/she must interact with the prospect buyers/customers in order to reinforce the marketing strategies of the company. Through this the person who is qualified for this position would also be able to evaluate the performance and strength of the OEM products. Therefore sales forecasting and planning as well as negotiating agreements, provision of customer merchandize training, and customer product assimilation support would be done.
  • Must be able to give sales support and produce leads through attending trade shows. He/she must also be able to appraise the sales’ status and be able to identify the competitor’s edge and their strategies. Hence recognizing new market opportunities and foreseeing the success of the OEM products is possible.
  • Formulate a database that is intended for customer files and vital information.
  • Forecast sales by units segment by segment.
  • Make a comprehensive comparison between monthly sales and the goals that has been set. Thus coming up with the necessary actions to correct or maintain the strategies that have been applied.
  • Update yearly strategic plan by providing sales input.
  • Evaluate product performance by extracting customer’s feedback therefore giving an interface with the Product Management.
  • Promote OEM products by providing a contribution on advertising and literature.
  • Maintain the OEM product’s competitiveness by recommending an effective pricing program.
  • Interface with quality assessment or regulatory board about the OEM product’s quality or safety issues.

Work Condition of an OEM Sales Manager

The OEM sales manager can be found mainly in the office or on the field (within the scope of the OEM products). Since he/she is assigned mainly on the sales performance of these products, some of his time is spent marketing new customers or prospects; therefore increasing the salability of the OEM products.

Educational Requirements of an OEM Sales Manager

The minimum educational requirement for an OEM sales manager would be to have a Bachelor’s degree, preferably a degree in business administration or any business-related course. A unit in computer science or basic computer knowledge is also required since an OEM manager is responsible in making a database for the company’s OEM products. Also, he/she may or may not have units in post-graduate education such as MBA and the like. In meeting these educational requirements, the applicant must posses an outstanding leadership skill, profound sales experience, and a sense of commitment in meeting sales deadlines.

Occupation and Progress of an OEM Sales Manager

Becoming an original equipment manufacturer sales manager is as good as having a one-way ticket to success. The progress of an OEM manager is mainly dependent upon the success of the OEM product that he is managing. Therefore the person for this job must be results and goal-oriented, focused, and effective in both written and verbal communication in order to bring the OEM product into its new heights of success.

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