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Outside Sales Representative Job Description

If you love to travel and promote merchandise, then becoming an outside sales representative is something to consider. Read on for the job description of an outside sales representative.

What is an Outside Sales Representative?

An outside sales representative is a person who is responsible in finding new customers and retaining the old ones. The word “outside” is a term which denotes that these persons work in the field and look for new customers instead of waiting for them come.

Duties of an Outside Sales Representative

  • An outside sales representative or sales rep are responsible in assisting their companies to get their products onto their customers’ hands.
  • An outside sales representative work with their customers personally or face-to-face. They are employed by a certain company in order to visit various customers to market their products and services. Typical work includes demonstrating how their products are utilized or discussing the functions of the product, giving catalogs or showing presentations to their customers. After doing the sales talk, they will then present the range of prices on the particular product or services. They are also required to train other employees in the company regarding the function of products and services.
  • Outside sales representatives make follow-up with their customers so as to ensure that the customers are satisfied or contact them regarding some other products or services that their customers may be interested in buying.
  • Once sales have been made, outside sales representatives maintain a close contact with their customers, resolve certain issues and answer relevant questions. This is usually done in order to promote an optimistic environment, positive experience with the customers and possible future profits.

Condition of Work

Outside sales representative are typically required to travel to business companies or other departments and organizations so as to market their company’s products and services.

Educational Requirements

In order to become an outside sales representative, prospective candidates should possess a GED, high school diploma or any equivalent. Some employers prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in marketing or sales or in any business related field from any accredited colleges or universities.

Occupation and Progress

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS, outside sales representatives work with flexible hours usually about 40 – 50 hours per week. The median wage for outside sales representative is about $70,200 a annum with added benefits, compensation and travel allowances.

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