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Payroll Manager Job Description

Employees in different companies work hard and do the task entailed to them but in return they are expecting that their hard work will be payed off accordingly. The employers of course know this, so they would hire a staff to make sure that every employee will be given they’re payroll. A Payroll Manager is the one who overlooks these staff. Keep reading for a payroll manager job description, qualifications, and salary expectations.

What is a Payroll Manager?

A Payroll Manager’s responsibility is to make sure that the payroll reports, funds distribution and spreadsheets are accurate and ensure that the company meet the terms and policies of the payroll tax laws. For large institutions a Payroll Manager is in charge of the payroll department, making sure that they work according to schedule.

Duties of a Payroll Manager

  • They coordinate payroll process with the different departments to convey services in accordance with the guidelines that are set. They monitor given payroll activities to make sure efficient functioning of the department and make sure that they comply with the established administrative requirements.
  • A Payroll Manager helps in developing programmed fiscal systems to analyze and provide information about the assigned funds. Prepare different related payroll documents to document the activities done and give audit references.
  • Integrating account balances to maintain precise account balance and follow related regulations is another duty of a Payroll Manager. They look for inconsistency in the payroll information to make sure that they hold on to the procedure past the processing. They inform the financial institutions about the mandatory procedure and documentation.
  • Payroll Managers supervise staff and oversee the workload of the assigned department. They communicate with other institutions to make sure that there is a precise processing of deductions in the payroll. They answer inquiries from the employees to provide information.

Work Condition of a Payroll Manager

A Payroll Manager works in comfortable offices in typical business hours. They work forty hours per week but may work overtime when they have deadlines to meet. The demand of their job is not high but because they are the one who overlook the assignment of their staff they must make an effort in managing their department.

Educational Requirements of a Payroll Manager

Most employers would hire applicants who have a bachelor of science in Accounting or Finance degree or other related fields. A CPA degree can also be an advantage. They must have experience in payroll work and managing staff. They must also be capable in resolving accounting issues.

Occupation and Progress of a Payroll Manager

To be successful in this career one must be detailed and time oriented and must have the dedication to continue learning new things. The policies are constantly changing so they must have the effort to keep themselves abreast of the changes made. A Payroll Manager can advance to higher position if they have acquired the needed education and certification.

Payroll manager salary expectations

A payroll manager in the US can make between $68,000 – $103,000 per year according to Glassdoor. Salary may depend on level of education, experience and geographical location.

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