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Photographer Job Description

The Photographer must combine artistic talent and technical skills to produce professional photographs.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Photographer uses their tools such as the cameras, lenses and lights to create beautiful pictures.
  • The Photographer must possess technical skills.
  • The Photographer must be very artistic and talented enough to use his skills and technology together to create pictures.
  • The Photographer not only must be capable of doing portraits but also of landscapes and a variety of different types of pictures.

The Photographer must be able to arrange whatever they are photographing so that it will stand out clearly in the finished picture. Photographers can work at many different kinds’ jobs using his skills with the camera. For instance some Photographers make their careers by taking wedding pictures. This is a very lucrative career and in most cases the Photographers also take pictures at baptisms and other special occasions. This type of Photographer needs to know how to place the people and what to use as a backdrop when taking pictures. Many times this type of Photographer also needs to be able to take pictures of certain sceneries and then place the people in the scenery at a later time. It takes a very talented person to take this type of portraits and make it pleasing to their customers.

There are the types of Photographers who make their career in a laboratory taking scientific pictures through a microscope. This is a very exact type of Photography and often they must do it in time sequences having a picture with every second until the object in the microscope have fully developed. This type of work being precise requires the Photographer to use special lenses and lighting in order to achieve what they need to for the scientific experiment. Some scientific Photographers take pictures of the development of plants or animals to help the scientists or to be placed in a magazine or on a tape for future study.

The use of digital cameras helps the twenty-first century Photographer to capture images electronically and edit them on a computer. Many images can be stored on compact disks or flash disks which are small memory cards found in digital cameras. On a computer, images can be edited using color correction and other effects. This is what makes it much easier for a Photographer to take pictures of scenery and then add people to the scenery at a later time. This comes in handy when you are doing wedding Photographers etc. The Photographers who uses the computer for his work can send it anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Photographers display their work electronically by creating their own portfolios and placing them on their own Web page. Customers can order prints of a Photographer’s work, which can easily be edited, enlarged, or cropped to a customer’s needs with the aid of computer software. The modern day Photographers must know how to use computer software programs as well as the use of digital cameras. Today many customers use the retail stores to develop film and the well trained Photographers are available to make sure that the processing of the film is properly done and managed for the customer.

Photographers are employed in many businesses and have a variety of specialties. Photographers in technical work must have an understanding of their subject in order to be successful. Industrial Photographers work for manufacturers. These types of Photographers travel to factories and take pictures of workers on the job and the products they are making. These Photographers are used to improve the methods by which the products are made. The government employs many Photographers to work on scientific and defense projects. The work that they do is vital to the government and our security. These Photographers were used a lot during the war, however, now we have spy planes that do that sort of work.

Medical Photographers take pictures of new methods and advancements made in health care. This type of a Photographer must have knowledge of science and medical terms. The Photographer who works in the science field must have backgrounds in sciences or engineering. This type of a Photographer might take pictures of rockets taking off, or they may work in a laboratory shooting photos of the various stages of an experiment. They may be asking to develop or design new photographic equipment for use in research. Science Photographers often specialize in one area, such as biology or aerodynamics. There are many different fields for the Photographer to work in.

Degrees and Training to Become a Photographer

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