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Sales Associate Job Description

A Sales Associate is responsible to carry out all sales activities on assigned accounts. Keeping up with the customer’s needs while obtaining new customers for the business.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • The Sales Associate needs to be able to develop and maintain the customer database.
  • The Sales Associate must generate and qualify new leads.
  • The Sales Associate must be able to develop client referrals.
  • The Sales Associate prepares sales action plans and schedules.
  • The Sales Associate develops promotional materials
  • The Sales Associate develops and makes presentations of company products and services to current and potential clients.

The Sales Associate needs a good customer data base in order to grow more sales for the company. Many times when you first start out with an ongoing company the data base has already been started. You need to be able to go through the data base and qualify legitimate customers removing those who have not used the company products within the past six months to a year. This does not mean that you rid yourself of that list. Instead this is a list of potential return customers and it is very helpful to find out just why they are no longer with the company. You can read their records and perhaps it is something that you can correct getting them to return.

You are able to generate leads from old clients and regular customers but you must be able to qualify them to make sure that they will be a good customer. Often as a Sales Associate you are required to make sales action plans and schedules to show how you plan on increasing sales and revenue for the company. A Sales Associate may be in charge of meetings with other Sales Associates so it is necessary for you to conduct meetings that explain direct marketing activities.

A Sales Associate makes sales calls to new and existing clients. You need to have good communication skills in person and on the telephone. The communication skills must exceed to holding group meetings and training sessions. You must be able to present ideas on how to increase revenue through sales and how to increase leads that will grow the customer count. A Sales Associate is the one who meets and greets the customers first hand so his behavior can determine if new clients are increased.

In order to hold the position of a Sales Associate you must have a good knowledge of relevant computer programs to keep your data base and financial budget under control. A Sales Associate must have a good knowledge of principles and practices of sales and of customer service principles. A Sales Associated must have experience in sales, marketing, and making presentations. A proven ability to achieve sales targets is essential to every Sales Associate.

A Sales Associate must have the ability to plan, organize and carry out projects in their department. The skill of persuasiveness is not taught but is inherit of the individual and a vital tool in making sales. You must be able to adapt to all situations in order to make the sale. A Sales Associate needs to be able to be resilient, control their stress level and take command of any given situation. It only stands to reason that a Sales Associate must be goal driven and always increasing their goals.

The Sales Associate must go beyond making sales into ensuring customer service satisfaction after the sale has been made. Follow up on any sales is mandatory if you want to keep making sales with the client and increasing your sales revenue. Often the Sales Associate will need to conduct market research and surveys, participate in any sales events that are put on by the company or by local groups such as the Better Business Bureau. A Sales Associate constantly monitors the competitor, the market conditions and product development. Whenever possible the Sales Associate does price checking on the competitor’s product and tries to determine why the prices have changed for the competitor.

The Sales Associate must have an excellent record of honesty and integrity in order to prove to the client that they can be trusted and are representing a trustworthy product. The reputation of your company is put on the line making it possible for you to get accreditation with customers but you must not do anything that would harm that reputation. The company depends on the Sales Associate to be honest and present the product and company in an honorable fashion.

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