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Stagehands Job Description

Stagehands are expected to perform different kinds of behind the scenes tasks in several types of productions. Most of the time, stagehands are associated with theaters, but they can also work for films, televisions and even commercials.

They are responsible for the maintenance, movement, storage as well as set building.

Stagehands responsibilities include:

  • They are in charge in the details of a stage, movie production, television and the like,
  • They can be stagehands dealing with the props.
  • They handle to distribution, storage, carrying and setting up of the props. Their duty is to make sure that everything are in place before the start of the stage and also responsible for the clean up of these props after.
  • Stagehands should also take charge in finding, locating and getting the needed props.
  • Stagehands in television or movie productions are expected to set up the necessary flats that will be used for the stage.
  • They may have to decorate the flats with accordance to the specifications given and they have to dismantle and properly store the flats after use.
  • Stagehands in theaters need to give the scenery through the roof and then lower it down to the stage.
  • They may have to work with utility men like electrician and light people for the setting up the lights and to ensure that the equipments are in good working condition.
  • Sound system is also part of their responsibility that is why they have to work with sound engineer as well.

Degrees and Training to Become a Stagehands

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