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University Registrar Job Description

A University Registrar function is to plan, organize and manage all of the activities related to the Records and Registration Department.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • The Registrar is the official authorized keeper of the university’s student records.
  • The Registrar hires, supervises and evaluates the Records and Registrar staff members.
  • The Registrar organizes and administers the records, registration and graduation functions.
  • The Registrar participates and serves as part of the Student Services Team.
  • The Registrar must have a Masters degree in student services, educational administration or a related area.

The Registrar is in charge of the student’s transcript evaluations, Health Professions admissions and the IAI certification process in order to provide maximum service to students while ensuring efficient and effective workflow. The Registrar works as part of the Student Services Team leading initiatives as determined by the Dean. The Registrar supervises the coordination, evaluation and certification of all graduation applications, while overseeing the complete graduation process to include all elements of the rehearsal and ceremony.
The Registrar is the one who is responsible for collecting, recording, maintaining and reporting of student records within FERPA guidelines. This includes the grades, all registration data, transcripts, mid-term verification, athletic eligibility and ICCB audits and other associated audits. The Registrar provides leadership for his team and develops the appropriate recommendations for the implementation of related technology application in support of enhanced services offered through Registration and Records. The Registrar is in charge of all communication systems that are vital to the entry of student information. The Registrar must keep up-to-date with any computer software programs and train the staff to use the programs. The Registrar also must make sure that the different department heads have accessibility to this information and know how to use the equipment. This is confidential information that is not permitted to be used by anyone other than designated. The Registrar must make sure that security measures are applied at all times on the student records and transcript. It is vital that no other student, school, or group can get access to this information.

The Registrar is responsible for the budget for the Records and Registration Department. The Registrar must create a good sound budget that will accommodate the school year and work to stick to that budget. Allowing for times when their will be student disputes over records the Registrar must make sure that the budget covers this area. The Registrar is in charge of solving any problems relating to student records and transcripts. The Registrar is expected to collaborate with administrators, deans, faculty, IT and counselors to facilitate and improve services to students, including catalog and registration policy questions. The Registrar is called upon to administer the collective bargaining agreement for the support staff contract. The staff meets to initiate new contract asking for raises, benefits etc relying on the Registrar to submit this to the appropriate committee for validation. The Registrar serves as ex-officio member of the Curriculum Committee in order to help the students and professors with any new Curriculum or old Curriculum that needs to be evaluated. The Registrar is expected to do other job duties as assigned by the Dean.

The Registrar is expected to participate in professional development activities and serve on college committees that support the goals and objectives of the division of the college. The Registrar provides back-up for records and registration services. The Registrar is responsible for issuing transcripts, answering phones, scanning, reporting grades and working special events. The Registrar needs strong communication skills and the ability to designate some of the job duties to other staff members. In order for the Registrar to complete all assigned duties the staff must help but the Registrar must make sure that nothing leaves the Registrar and Records office without their approval. The Registrar must have a proven record of successful supervisory experience in a people-oriented environment. Most Universities require that the Registrar have three years of direct experience working in a Registrar Office. Most Universities like to hire Registrar’s who have five years working in a Community College in the Registrar Office and possibly as the Registrar. The Registrar must have a positive attitude; work well with a diverse population, and the ability to collaborate effectively with college departments.

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