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Web Designers Job Description

The Web Designer is responsible for creating the look and feel of World Wide Web page sites.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Web Designer is responsible to create a graphic design that effectively communicates the ideas being promoted by the Web site.
  • The Web Designer often takes part in the initial planning of the Website.
  • The Web Designer must meet with the client in order to know what to layout for the Website.
  • The Web Designer must organize the Web site after he has created the initial layout.
  • The Web Designer typically has a background in fine arts, graphic design and computer sciences. The Web Designer normally has a four year college degree but there are a few who begin after a two year Associates degree.

Many Web Designers teach themselves HTML (hypertext markup language) and the computer language to create web pages. Experience is one of the best assets that a Web Designer can possess in order to become great at what he/she is doing. The Web Designer does need to know how to add animations and interactive surveys. Many people who get their website designed by a professional Web Designer expect a terrific looking page with many features.

Many things go into the designing of a Website and the Web Designer must consider these things when is organizing the web page. The Web Designer realizes that too much can be as bad as not enough. That is why the Web Designer likes to be in on the initial designing of the website. The layout, types of colors, images to use, illustrations, videos, etc. all play a very important part in putting together a website. The Web Designer task is to create pages that can be used on any type of server. A server is a central computer in a network that stores files and provides these files to individual computers and the Web Designer is very familiar with this. The files are viewed with any type of browser which is the software that enables us to access the World Wide Web. In order to make this possible the Web Designer must be familiar with issues of browser/ server compatibility, including which browsers and servers work well together and which ones do not. The Web Designer must also know computer languages such as JavaScript, which can be used to create web pages that are compatible with a wide range of hardware software.

The Web Designers must have strong visual and verbal communications skills since they are going to be working with a client or web producers. They need to be able to develop and refine ideas to the point that the client is well pleased with so that the website can be published. Web Designers need to be able to listen closely to the client and create pages that reflect what the client is looking for. Many times a client maybe just wanting people to access their web page in order to know more about them and the product that they are trying to sell. In this case the main page may have several back pages that give the public a chance to find the products, order the products, and then keep track of the sales. The website normally has a back office that the owner can check to find out about orders etc. This is one of the main types of websites that are on the World Wide Web.

There are many informational websites that the Web Designers create that are there just to inform the public. Many of these websites are for larger companies who prefer to let people know about them and how they operate. There are banking websites that give information on how to get a bank account, credit card, and other forms of credit. The customer needs to go to the bank in most cases but there are some websites that let the customer fill in information and get a credit card. Web Designers create websites for sports fans, gamers, fashion models, and a multitude of other things. The Web Designer is usually behind most website pages. The Web Designer makes the connection for the client to the World Wide Web.

Degrees and Training to Become a Web Designer

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