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Webmaster Job Description

The unification of the development, programming and maintenance of the website would entirely depend upon the performance of the Webmaster.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Webmaster is in charge of maintaining Web sites for companies and individuals on the World Wide Web.
  • This is the type of job that requires a wide range of skills and abilities.
  • The Webmasters must do more than write computer codes or update links to other Web sites.
  • The Webmasters is responsible for ensuring that a Web site is easy to navigate and that it addresses the needs of the client and its customers.
  • The Webmasters have college degrees in computer science, mathematics, engineering or design-related fields.

The Webmaster must possess technical skills such as experience in programming languages such as C++ and Java. The Webmaster must have knowledge of the Unix operating system and with Internet applications such as HTML, HTTP, and XML. The Webmaster also needs to keep up to date with new, rapidly changing Internet technologies. The International Webmasters Association offers certification in the field. The certification in the field depends on one of the three skill levels that the Webmaster has achieved.

The first duty of a Webmaster is to coordinate with clients coming to a definite agreement. The Webmaster must be able to relay the important information regarding the purpose of the website, the content organization of the website and the specific needs of the client. Once the plan is set, it is the job of the Webmaster to initiate the team members with their individual contributions to the website. Specifically included in this plan are the information organization, graphics development, web engineering, and web production.

The Webmaster must maintain involvement every step of the way in order to make sure that the website is created as preplanned. The Webmaster must be endowed with reliable skills and knowledge in graphic, designing, the Webmaster also pitches in the designing work and even with the animation when needed. The Webmaster must be able to assist in programming as this plays a huge part in web development. The Webmaster must be familiar with C language since not all web browsers respond similarly to website. All these things are what make up the duties of a Webmaster.

Once the Webmaster has completed all the necessary functions in creating the website the next and final steps is that of putting the website online. Just before the website is scheduled to go on line the Webmaster checks everything over and adds the final little touches. He then coordinates with the web engineers of the group to set up the server that will keep the website running online. Now that the website is online it is up to the Webmaster to keep up maintenance on the website. The server must be kept in good running condition. The work for the Webmaster continues making sure that web log files are kept analysis is a must. The Webmaster must keep visitor information available for the website owners. The Webmaster must also be available to make changes in the website as it progresses and things change. The Webmaster may change products on a regular basis, prices, etc. The Webmaster may be responsible to set up auto responders for new identities, set up different vendors, etc. The Webmaster dealing with content changes because of the way that things change over time often needs to go into the website and make changes.

There are many things that are involved with a website that need changing and updating on a regular basis that is why the Webmaster must keep maintenance on the website so that it remains up-to-date for the website owner. The Webmaster normally has a serious of websites that he is in charge of making sure that they are properly executed and maintained throughout the month. The end goal is to work with a team set up a website for a client and then keep up with the websites maintenance. The Webmaster may work alone or work with a team of Webmasters depending on the amount of websites that they are responsible to keep. Some Webmasters have their own business working on multiple websites while others work for a particular business keeping that businesses websites in good running order, updating as needed, and even adding more websites for additional clients in the business.

Degrees and Training to Become a Webmaster

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