Lawyer Job Description

by admin on September 17, 2009

People view the lawyer’s job as something quite cool and awesome. The duties of becoming a lawyer have gained a lot of fame and publicity. Below are the job descriptions of a lawyer.

What is a lawyer?

Lawyers have 2 categories which are criminal lawyers and corporate lawyers. A corporate lawyer is someone who specializes in Corporation Laws. However, criminal lawyers are lawyers who plead in behalf of the criminal or client in the court.

Duties of lawyers

  • Corporate lawyers specialize in the field of law that deals primarily with business operations in a given state or country. They make certain that all deals and transactions that are made between the client and the company are following on the desired framework of a law. They duty of corporate lawyers are mostly advisory. For instance, if a certain company has a hard time in making any decision, they mostly refer to corporate lawyers in order to examine the full legality of the decision they make. A corporate lawyer is also required to be conversant on the different laws in the state or country such as contract laws, tax laws, bankruptcy laws, intellectual property laws, zoning laws and security laws.
  • Another kind of lawyer is the criminal defense lawyer. These lawyers are employed by a client who is under a crime or is accused in committing crime. They are responsible in filing a case against clients who committed a certain crime. Their specific job isn’t only isolated on knowledge of laws. They are expected to perform a bit of research or investigation aside from what is written on the book. Their work is often within a courtroom where they are expected to present their client.

Condition of work

Most lawyers work on their private offices. A criminal defense lawyer is mostly seen in a courtroom. They are expected to go beyond what is provided on the book. They also perform research on any cases assigned to them so as to meet their goals legally.

Educational requirements

If you aspire to become a lawyer, it is important to work hard during high school days and focus more on science and math subjects so as to develop your analytical skills. The candidate will then be required to pursue a degree and earn a good GPA. After gaining a 4 year degree in college, you must learn detailed aspects of law through a graduate law school.

Occupation and Progress

Becoming a lawyer is a challenging job. However, this career will certainly lead towards job security as you will be earning high compared to other profession.

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