Legal Secretary Job Description

by Publishing Team on January 3, 2011

The Legal Secretary assists lawyers and clients in terms of legal and factual researches for all cases.

The Primary Objectives of a Legal Secretary:

  • The Legal Secretary primary objective is to focus the duties that assist lawyers and clients.
  • The Legal Secretary primary objective is to carry out secretarial duties employing legal documents, terminology, and procedures.
  • The Legal Secretary primary objective is to arrange legal papers and correspondence like summonses, complaints, motions, and subpoenas.

The Legal Secretary is also known as paralegal or legal assistant. The Legal Secretary is able to work in different offices such as corporations, law offices, governmental agencies and nonprofits. The Legal Secretary is in charge of handling and organizing several office affairs, which includes organizing of hearing dates, printing as well as organizing the motions for attorneys and filing of motions with another attorney or the court. The Legal Secretary also executes more routine office work like filing, faxing and answering the phone. The Legal Secretary can work in the fact finding for trials, hearings or motions.

The Legal Secretary must prepare and process legal documents and papers like summonses, subpoenas, motions, appeals, complaints and pretrial agreements. The Legal Secretary receives and places telephone calls, Schedules and arranges appointments, photocopies the correspondence, documents, and other printed matter. The Legal Secretary should organize and maintain law libraries and case files. The Legal Secretary assists attorneys in gathering information like employment, medical, and other records. The Legal Secretary attends legal meetings like client hearings, interviews, or depositions. The Legal Secretary also does drafts and then types office memos. The Legal Secretary reviews legal publications and performs searching in the database to identify the court decisions and laws pertinent to the pending cases. The Legal Secretary submits relevant articles and information from researches to attorney for the purpose of reviewing and approval for use. The Legal Secretary completes different forms like accident reports, trial and courtroom requests, and applications for clients.

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