Accounts Receivable Supervisor Job Description

Below are the summary of the typical key responsibilities of an account receivable supervisor:

  • He/she should be able to recruit, train as well as motivate an accounts receivable team wherein he/she can provide the needed leadership as well as the coaching of the associates so that he/she can accomplish the main goals and objectives of the institution.
  • He/she should guarantee that the decisions made are good especially when it comes to the releases and hold of customer’s orders due to financial conditions of the said account.
  • Guarantees the collections associates are employing right judgment that is inside their authority when it comes to releasing and holding of orders.
  • Capable of establishing s well as reviewing credit limits for all accounts.
  • Capable of resolving complex issues about collections.
  • Good working relationship with collection agency.
  • Participating with the sales in all aspects ensuring the credit terms are suitable in meeting the management’s objectives and the credit and collections policy.
  • Administer and alleviate credit risk.
  • Recognize and correct the barriers coming from the operations through developing innovative solutions to problems.
  • Responsible for managing the accounts under the bankruptcy jurisdiction and other legal proceedings under collection/credit.
  • Supervise cash receipts and application to assess and modify the efficiency of current procedures for cash applications.
  • Work together with internal and external customers for the improvements in cash application, as well as collections and credits processing.
  • Set up workloads and handle budgets and resources.
  • Able to develop as well as execute and uphold corporate policies about credit and collections

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