Asset Manager Job Description

Being a manager means having a greater responsibility than any regular employee. There are several types of managers and one of them is an asset managers. They are also known as property managers where they have to maintain properties by means of buy and sell.

What is an Asset Manager?

An asset manager handles different properties. They are either in the buy and sell business as they provide assistance to real estate owners of office spaces, factories and malls. They also provide assistance to home owners as well as those who have apartment complexes.

Duties of an Asset Manager

Researching different markets is one of the main responsibilities of an asset manager. This will enable them to apply different strategies to develop various types of real estate either residential or commercial.

Identifying if a property being considered will be a good investment by way of evaluation of tax and zoning laws.

Acts as the middle man and negotiates the terms for property contracts. They also work with other property managers, lenders as well as different groups to guarantee that the clients get maximum profit.

Work Condition of an Asset Manager

An asset manager usually works in an office setting. Constantly communicating with different contacts to coordinate and maintain smooth communication between the real estate owners and possible buyers.

Field work may be necessary to survey the property being considered. Since the value of the property depends on several factors, surveying the proximity within the range of the property is necessary.

Will have to work mostly in front of electronic devices and work on spreadsheets and must be highly proficient with software such as Excel.

Highly analytical individuals are considered to solve problems both logically as well as in a creative manner. Any extra knowledge that needs to be possessed upon hiring will be provided by some companies to learn about valuation, accounting, relations with home owners and most importantly, property management.

Educational Requirements of an Asset Manager

As with other jobs in the real estate industry, a high school diploma is a requirement for this position. It is preferred though that interested candidates obtain general equivalency diploma (GED).

Graduates of courses related to accounting, business administration or accounting will definitely get the edge since this is mostly in relation to the task at hand.

Other big firms may consider top of the line candidates with above average GPA or those who have MBA.

Occupation and Progress of an Asset Manager

Those who have graduated college with a degree and those who obtained Master’s in Business Administration have great potential in this field.

Asset managers with professional certification and experience in managing commercial facilities will get a definite advantage to move up the ladder in this industry. Statistics show that between the year 2008 and 2018, the number of properties and association positions will grow by 8 percent which translates to at least 41,000 job openings.

Several property owners put their trust to the skill of the asset managers that handle their properties. There are several potential in this industry and its calling to the smart and savvy. This could be the right job for you especially if you understand the market.

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