Case Manager Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 25, 2011

Regular citizens oftentimes find themselves at a loss in finding the right resources that would serve whatever need they have. The case manager’s job is to provide information in finding the resource that would meet the client’s needs. Case managers can be found in the medical field as well as the social service environment.

What is Case Manager?

Case managers provide different type of services based on the clients’ needs. They serve as the middleman between the client’s needs and the resources that are required to fulfill those. The job would require flexibility from the person handling a clients case since the needs vary from time to time.

Duties of a Case Manager

  • A case manager gathers data from the client to identify what their needs are. They will provide the client information to the appropriate resource that would satisfy and fulfill the need.
  • Keeps an open communication with the client in case of any changes and to provide updates regarding the task that was assigned to them. They may be required to visit the clients as well as the different agencies that they may use to refer the clients to.
  • Maintains confidentiality of the clients situation but makes sure that they keep a record of the incidents that would serve as reference that can be used at a later time.

Work Condition of a Case Manager

  • Case managers work in an office setting and work closely with other staff in the office. The job will require the employee to work full hours which means a full 40 hour work week. They may be asked to extend for some cases that need to be expedited.
  • Although typical office work is expected, case managers would be required to be on the field often visiting their clients. A visit to the agencies is also necessary to guarantee open communication and to make the process easier.
  • Case managers are expected to be on call to meet client demands. Schedules might change from time to time since unexpected calls may come in.

Educational Requirements of a Case Manager

  • A case manager should possess a BA or MA degree in either social work or health counseling to be considered. There are companies that would hire or prefer RNs in the field of psychology.
  • Certification is also required by some facilities and those who have not graduated yet will have to work under close supervision. There will be extensive on the job training for the candidates to better experience the work as a case manager.

Occupation and Progress of a Case Manager

  • There are a lot of opportunities for this position since various health care facilities need the help of case managers. These range from hospitals to retirement houses. Candidates can apply directly to the institution that they like.
  • Aside from medical institutions, social works organization is also hiring candidates that would like to get a position as case manager.

There are a lot of opportunities for people just waiting around the corner. With the right set of skills and desire, you can become what you’ve always wanted to be. Being a case manager requires a sharp mind that could analyze data and researching skills. If you have these skills and have the right educational background you may want to take this up as your career.

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