Drilling Manager Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 22, 2011

In today’s society wherein almost everything had become made of steel and concrete, there is a growing need for drillers. But, how do we ensure that drillers do their job well and efficiently. That materials and equipment used are in good shape. The answer to that query is simple. There is a need for a Drilling Manager.

What is a Drilling Manager?

A drilling manager is the one responsible for drilling operations. He is the over-all in command for the said operations. One of the most important functions of a manager is not only to ensure excellent performance but also to establish a good working relationship with his/her subordinates and colleagues. Moreover, it is the drilling managers responsibility to ensure safety and conducive environment to the workers especially to the young ones. Because only through this can excellence be achieved.

Duties of a Drilling Manager

  • A drilling manager’s utmost responsibility is to ensure excellent drilling programs and performance from the employees.
  • Moreover a drilling manager is responsible for maintain good and healthy relationship with employees and contractors.
  • It is also a given the drilling manager would be responsible for checking the expenses involved in the said projects and that the equipment are indeed up to date so as to provide quality work toward the employers.
  • Another most important duty of a drilling manager is to ensure that the engineering designs, operations, practices and training meets the desired outcome of the employers.

Work Condition of a Drilling Manager

  • A Drilling Manager often works in his or her private office. Schedules and activities will be catered individually.
  • It is also a given that a drilling manager will not only supervise from afar but should be hands on, by being present in the field.

Educational Requirements of a Drilling Manager

  • For you to become a drilling manager here are some of the requirements. One is for you to be at least Bachelors degree holder. And must have a minimum experience of 5 years in drilling operations. Must also have been a supervisor for at least 5 years.
  • Should have excellent command in English both verbally and written.
  • Must able to adapt and work effectively in a multi-disciple environment.

Occupation and Progress of a Drilling Manager

  • Most drilling managers are employed by a particular company and some are hired contractually. So long as you are good in terms of leadership and dealing with other people you have an advantage among other applicants. The key to being hired is for you to be persevering and patient.

In this competitive world, ones knowledge and skills are not only the only things that give you an advantage over other applicants. It is your attitude towards your work and other people. If you think you embody these traits, then what are you waiting for? Become a Drill Manager.

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