General Manager Job Description

by Publishing Team on December 17, 2010

The General Manager maintains a smooth, effective and efficient processes and operations in a business.

The Primary Objectives of a General Manager:

  • The General Manager primary objective is to direct and coordinate all operations of a business.
  • The General Manager primary objective is to do personnel responsibilities by screening, interviewing, hiring and then training of personnel that will report under him/her.
  • The General Manager primary objective is to ensure that administrative services are completed and addressed in a timely manner.

The General Manager directs as well as coordinates the business operations for a department in a company. Most of the time, companies are divided into the following department: production, sales, promotion, purchasing, and many more. The General Manager is the one in charge of these divisions. In a small company setting, the General Manager can be responsible for all the operations. The General Manager usually reports to the chief operating officer or to the vice president. The General Manager can also report to the chief executive officer.

The General Manager heeds orders and direction from their top executives. It is necessary for General Manager to first understand and comprehend the executives’ overall plan for the company. After that, the General Manager sets specific goals for their respective departments that will be suitable with the overall plan. The General Manager must state their goals very clearly to their support staff.

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