Hotel Manager Job Description

The Hotel Manager is responsible for the day to day operations of a hotel. In larger Hotels the Manager usually has a Management Team.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Hotel Manager has commercial accountability for planning, organizing and directing all hotel services.

  • The Hotel Manager supervisor’s front-of-house functions such as reception, concierge, reservations, food and beverage operations and housekeeping.

  • The Hotel Manager must take a strategic overview and planning ahead to maximize profits.

  • The Hotel Manager must also pay attention to details, setting the example for staff to deliver a standard of service and presentation that meets guests’ needs and expectations.

  • Business and people management are equally important elements of the Hotel Managers job.

The Hotel Managers typical work activities vary depending on the size and type of hotel. In general there are certain things that most Hotel Managers are responsible to achieve some on a larger scale. The Hotel Manager must plan and organize accommodation, catering, and other hotel services. The Hotel Manager is the one who primarily promotes and markets the hotel in order to increase business. The Hotel Manager must also manage budgets and financial plans and controlling expenditure. The Hotel Manager must maintain statistical and financial records for the hotel. The Hotel Manager is responsible for setting and achieving sales and profit targets.

The Hotel Manager does the recruiting, training and monitoring staff in all their activities for the hotel and its customers. The Hotel Manager is responsible for the scheduling of individuals and teams. The Hotel Manager is the one who deals directly with the employee problems and also helps to make sure that they are getting trained properly. When employees have a grievance against the company that owns the hotel the Hotel Manager may work as a liaison between the two. Keeping the hotel staff working in a good and contented mode is the duty of the Hotel Manager.

The Hotel Manager is also responsible for meeting and greeting customers. The Hotel Manager is responsible for any complaints or comments that are made by the customer. The Hotel Manager addresses problems and troubleshoots any difficulties that the customer may have. It is the duties of the Hotel Manager to make sure that the customer is kept with good accommodation. The Hotel Manager ensures events and conferences run smoothly and he also is the one who markets to get the regular conferences to return and adds new groups as he knows they are available for conference site.

While the Hotel Manger is responsible for clients and regular customers they are also responsible to make sure that other functions are taken care of in the operations of the hotel. The supervising of maintenance department for instance is vital in order to make sure that the rooms are kept in good order. The need for plumbing and electrical services can happen often in the larger hotels requiring a staff maintenance team. While there are basic maintenance team that can take care of a lot of the little things that need to be fixed around a hotel at times there are major repairs to be attended too. The Hotel Manager job is to make sure that he has people on call that he can depend on in case of an emergency repair. The Hotel Manager deals with contractors and suppliers to make the best deals when it comes to using their services for the hotel.

The Hotel Manager is the one ensuring security is effective since he must put the system into place. The Hotel Manager must make sure that there is a house detective on duty, alarms are set, and that they have a very secure safe those customers can keep any precious items in without fear of them being stolen. Also the Hotel Manager makes sure that characters who are suspicious, not residents, do not hang around the hotel’s lobby and other areas. This is one way that the hotel can remain safe for its customers. The Hotel Manager is the one who must carry out inspections of property surrounding the hotel making sure that everything is safe.

All hotels are required to be in compliance with the licensing laws, health and safety codes, and any other statutory regulations. The Hotel Manager must make sure that all things are kept in order legally. Even though there is usually attorneys that take care of the documents and the legal end of the business the Hotel Manager must oversee and make sure that everything is in order.

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