International Sales Manager Job Description

An international sales manager is responsible for the sales of his or her company outside the country.


  • He or she should be capable of developing techniques as well as building goals and making sales pitches in order to expand and maintain the accounts. Other than that, they can hire, train and control a staff or staffs under him or her.
  • Since their job is based outside of his or her country, travelling is part of the job. They have to od this in order to meet with their clients abroad as well as finding new prospects.
  • They have to demonstrate their products and service that they are offering.
  • Negotiating and offering special business deals are also part of it.
  • In addition to the job of helping the company to earn more income, they are also responsible for the scheduling as well as motivating the entire workforce in the sales department for the company’s success.
  • Since this involves interaction with others, a very good communication skills is very needed and they should be capable of speaking another foreign language.
  • They are also expected to keep track records of all the transactions and accounts.

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