KFC Store Manager Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 26, 2011

Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC for short is noted as one of the biggest fast food franchiser all over the world. Their food and services are known to be the best and yummiest. They give what any customer desires. They keep their services in order and make sure that the people will be satisfied and interested to their company. Behind this success are the hardworking people of this company. Keeping this kind of business progressive needs a business minded person. KFC has a Store Manager for it.

What is a KFC Store Manager?

A well known fast food chain store, like KFC, is a big challenge for a Store Manager to work on. The KFC Store Manager is the one who is in charge for the things happening inside the store. Like the finances and the service crew. They make sure that the employees are making good in their jobs. They check the customer’s response based on their services. They secure that the money that goes in and out from the company are recorded and balance. They ensure that they would give high quality of service to their customers.

Duties of a KFC Store Manager

  • KFC originated in Louisville, Kentucky, in the United States. They usually serve chickens pieces, salads and sandwiches. A KFC Store Manager manages and facilitates everything in the KFC store.
  • They are responsible for checking the employee’s behavior towards their work.
  • When the company faces difficulties or problems, the Store Manager is also involved in finding a way in solving these problems.
  • They are also the one who plans and searches new products, promos or activities to make KFC more popular.
  • They make sure the services rendered gives satisfaction to the customer and the food are properly cooked and served.
  • In terms of food, they assure that they are labeled and stored in the right and safe place.

Work Condition of a KFC Store Manager

  • A KFC Store Manager works all around. Mostly, he/she stays in the store. Sometimes they stay in the office to write reports about the store’s status. This profession needs an honest and loyal person.
  • Must have the ability to analyze analytical problems.
  • This job requires someone who is a positive thinker and has the ability to respond to a problem in a direct situation.
  • Every decision of a Store Manager can affect the progress and the name of the company.
  • A KFC Store Manager must be flexible for the things happening and will happen. He/she must be prepared for the problems, circumstances and complicated situations that test his/her profession.

Educational Requirements of a KFC Store Manager

  • This profession needs a person who had graduated a bachelor degree course. Like Business Administration, Accounting and Business Finance, Advertising, Direct Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Financial Engineering.
  • We all know that managing even a small business is really hard and challenging. It requires a person who is packed with full knowledge and work experience.

Occupation and Progress of a KFC Store Manager

A KFC Store Manager is not an easy profession. Especially KFC is a well known restaurant. Trusted and Loved by their customers all over the world. It’s a big work for a KFC Store Manager and a challenge to be responsible and disciplined in his/her work.

Keeping his/her feet on the ground, doing the job well and giving happiness to the people he/she serves is a big accomplish to a KFC Store Manager.

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