MIS Manager Job Description

In today’s modern society, business industry is making use of technological innovation. With this, the need for MIS manager in various business establishments plays a vital role in maintaining smooth and profitable business operation.

What is a MIS manager?

The term MIS means Management Information System. MIS managers are also called computer and information systems manager. MIS managers are responsible in managing computers, software as well as the people using them.

Duties of MIS manager

  • MIS managers are tasked for strategies related to information technology. They are responsible in developing computer systems for the employees and managers in order to perform their business tasks in a convenient way.
  • They are responsible in hiring, managing and developing technology staff, developing technology procedures and policies, overseeing purchase as well as maintenance to their computer equipments and serve as an expert in technology consultants to their business principles and managers.
  • MIS managers should have an intense technical and computer background aside from possessing a management experience and good training. MIS managers should also have a work experience as desk manager, project manager on information technology and manager in software development and systems programmer. MIS managers should have a strong organizational, analytical, business management and good communication skills.

Conditions of work

There are several technical career paths available for MIS manager. They have lots of opportunities for career advancement. A strong foundation in information technology, computers and business management allows computer professionals to handle management duties in an information technology.

Educational Requirements

  • In order to become a MIS manager, an associate degree in any related field or a technical degree is required by most employers. However, candidates with a bachelor’s degree or with graduate degree often get the job immediately. Some employers also prefer prior work experience before getting the job as a MIS manager.
  • Typically, the degree lasts about 4 years in the computer related field with classes that programming, computer science and computer engineering. MIS programs are mostly part in business school. With this, statistics, finance and marketing classes may also be a part of the curriculum.

Occupation and Progress

Higher growth than average is projected in this career. According to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects for MIS managers will grow by17% until 2018. Candidates who are experts in computer design may expect the fastest growth of employments due to technological innovation.

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