Night Manager Job Description

Managing in a night shift is far different from day time management. One of the challenging careers in a hotel job is becoming a night manager. Read on for some facts related to the duties of a night manager.

What is a night manager?

The night manager is a professional who works overnight in order to have someone available as supervisor. For night managers in the grocery department, they should make certain that stock deliveries are met and all shelves are properly restocked.

Duties of a night manager

  • A night manager is responsible in making deposits in night banks and balance monies and ledgers from the cash drawer. Night managers are tasked in reconciling vacancies in a room with occupancies, handling maintenance issues at nighttime and checking-in as well as checking-out of visitors and guests.
  • In some other cases like in a grocery store, night managers should restock shelves and make sure that areas are properly cleaned for the next shopping day.
  • A night manager is responsible for the hotel’s financial aspects. They mostly perform night audits; oversee receivable accounts and documenting audits.
  • Night managers also prepare the daily cash reports and credit limit. They maintain appropriate guest accounts. They are also responsible in printing out and delivering the bills for guests who are checking out. They also make adjustments and corrections to the bills if needed.

Condition of Work

Being a night manager entails a lot of hard work, patience, stamina and good communication skills. It is also important to have good analytical skills as some crisis may fall at nighttime. Night managers may work on long hours including weekdays and holidays.

Educational Requirements

  • Becoming a night manager doesn’t require a post secondary education. However, most employers require an on the job training. Prior work experience is also not necessary.
  • A skill in computers, billing systems and finance is essential as night managers work may also be computer-related. A degree in business management, marketing and finance is also a top notch.

Occupation and progress

Salaries for night managers differ according to the occupation and the industry. According to Bureau of Labor and Statistics in the United States, job prospects for night managers is low as few workers desire working on a night shift. Some institutions like in large hotels, free snacks, coffee and foods are offered for night managers.

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