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Diversity, uniqueness, and individuality. It’s what keeps us different from each other. These are the qualities that a non profit organization seeks in their non profit board members. The basis for choosing a set of non profit board members does not lie on their likeness but through their distinctiveness and their heart for pure service.

Becoming a non profit board member could be considered as a noble job. In order for you to learn why, below are the basics about this job. Please read ahead for you guidance.

What is a Non Profit Board Member?

A non profit board member is a member of the board in a non-profit organization. They are not considered as one of the staff member in a non-profit organization. Most of them are recruited; they voluntarily offer their services for the charitable institution. They do not get paid however they are helping the executive directors or the senior management in creating a fundraising event to propel the programs of the organization.

Duties of a Non Profit Board Member

  • It is a duty of a non profit board member to attend all board and committee meetings. Social and/or special functions such as ground breaking events and fundraising events for the organization should also participated by a non profit board member.
  • He/se must always be oriented of the non-profit organization’s mission, services, policies, programs, and the like.
  • Constant reviewing of the supporting materials and agenda especially prior to board and committee meetings is also one its duties.
  • He/she must also be a member of a certain committee or task force. In serving for this particular committee or task force, he/she must act on a special coursework voluntarily.
  • One of its roles is to dole out a personal financial contribution for the organization.
  • It is his duty to spread the word the organization he is involved with.
  • Names of nominees, who are of great potential to contribute to the board and their work, should be suggested by a non profit board member.
  • It is his/her duty to update himself/herself with the recent developments in the organization’s area of responsibility.
  • A non profit board member must also know how to abide with the organization’s rules and regulation with regards to confidentiality and conflict of interest.
  • He/she must be of help in assisting the board in going through or examining the organization’s annual financial statements and executing its fiduciary responsibilities.

Work Condition of a Non Profit Board Member

A non profit board member works as a volunteer. They can work in an office if the organization is already financially stable. However most of their time might be spent with their colleagues in propelling the organization into its success. Although they are only volunteers, they must make sure to attend board meetings and the like.

Educational Requirements of a Non Profit Board Member

To qualify as a non profit board member, educational requirements could vary vastly; ranging from a person with a degree in law to a person with a degree in medicine, depending on what type of a non-profit or charitable organization he would engage in to. He/she may be selected because of his/her expertise, unique traits, skills, and abilities that can help an organization to soar high. Moreover, a non profit board member must also a well-versed individual who knows, understands, and internalizes a particular non-profit organization’s history, mission, vision, philosophy, methodology, programs, services, and management structure.

Occupation and Progress of a Non Profit Board Member

A non profit board member may be a professional who has a full-time work depending on their job title. Conversely, they could spend their extra time in assisting a non profit organization with their charitable mission. Some of their workplace could not be as prestigious as compared to those profitable organizations but it is their unique talents or abilities that make them shine amongst the others.

One will prosper in this field if they only put into their hearts the mission, vision, and philosophy of their organization.

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