OEM Account Manager Job Description

The business of providing products and services for other companies are thriving nowadays. With the variety of major products available in the market, it is not a surprise for provider businesses to flourish. Thus a need for specialist employees is also doubled every year. This is good news for so many applicants in the area of Engineering and Sales.

What is an OEM Account Manager?

An OEM Account Manager is in charge of disposing manufactured products to buying clients. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Duties of an OEM Account Manager

  • An OEM Account Manager is responsible for discussing with clients product prerequisites and alterations or adjustments.
  • An OEM Account Manager is responsible for expanding the business by acquiring new accounts. He is expected to maintain good relationship with existing clients and should continue to advise and offer them better products and services to increase sales growth.
  • An OEM Account Manager is responsible for driving all efforts in hitting the sales target to be able to obtain the desired profit. He is also responsible for creating and formulating plans to continually achieve sales growth.
  • An OEM Account Manager is responsible for devising sales plans and strategies to be able to ascertain hitting the sales goals of the company.
  • He is responsible for assessment and appraisal of sales methods and systems in terms of augmenting company sales goals.
  • He is also responsible for giving suggestions and recommendations to clients in terms of service improvement and advancement to develop customer satisfaction and to ensure future business relationships with the customers.

Work condition of an OEM Account Manager

Half of the time an OEM Account Manager is required to travel. However most companies would require a person for this position to live within the city where the company office is located. He may be expected to work long hours, depending on the issues and concerns tackled during any meeting or conference. He is also expected to have previous OEM related jobs as well as technical skills and knowledge.

Educational Requirements of an OEM Account Manager

  • An OEM Account Manager should have completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering.
  • He must have the ability to communicate well in written and spoken English.

Occupation and Progress of an OEM Account Manager

At present any profession in the business of sales has more chances of earning extra income with hard work and perseverance. This profession has several opportunities for promotion. There are senior positions in the company which may even higher compensation package with added benefits. At present an OEM Account Manager can make as much as $75,000 to $100,000 annually in salary. Depending on the company, most give added benefits such as minimal relocation allowances and even paid vacation or sick leaves. Most of these jobs are also qualified to receive incentives and commissions based on sales target hit. As you can see, the possibilities for extra income and earnings are endless with this job. The scope of the work may be wide and large but it is also rewarded with an attractive compensation package.

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