Parent Coordinator Job Description

There are many qualifications in order to become a parent coordinator and bulk steps in dealing with various court cases that involve children and parents. Below is the information to read on about the job description of a parent coordinator.

What is a parent coordinator?

A parent coordinator is a career for people with great desire in working with marriage couples who are experiencing some conflicts and who find it hard manage their children. Parent coordinators are professionals who help divorced or separated parents in improving their skills in co-parenting and solve certain issues which involve their children in conflicts with child custody disputes. These professionals are also appointed by the court.

Duties of a parent coordinator

  • Separated or divorced couples can hire a parent coordinator so as to resolve their problems in conflict parenting issues to the court. Parent coordinators serve as neutral persons to the couple. Parenting coordinators can also be empowered by the Court Order or by parents in order to make some recommendations in binding parents especially when they are unable to come up with a solution.
  • The parent coordinators may also offer their suggestions to the couple. Basically, the initial action that parent coordinators take is to get acquainted with the couples as well as the children. Parent coordinators should also review the history or the causes of the marriage conflict and the issues or reasons why current conflicts are happening between the children and the parents.
  • Parenting coordinators will review and meet with each parent and children before reporting some documents to the court. They have to meet with the couple individually, meet with their children individually and hold a joint meeting with the couples if the particular case has previous history with domestic violence.

Condition of Work

Parenting coordinators work with various families in order to encourage involvement and interest. A coordinator in parenting should possess good skills in communication as they frequently interact with different people with conflicting issues.

Educational Requirements

  • In order to become a parent coordinator, aspiring candidates should have a master’s degree in counseling, law, psychology, social work, medicine or any other related field and should have at least 5 years work experience in coordinating field.
  • Aspiring candidates should also hold a current certificate or license in the field of parent coordinator area and accomplish a training program at least 24 hours with topics like developmental stages of children, legal and mediation issues, effects and stages of divorce and techniques in problem solving.

Occupation and Progress

According to US Bureau of Labor and Statistics as of 2010, parent coordinators usually earn about $30,000 per annum. The job prospect for parent coordinators is a growing trend, according to the Department of Education in United States.

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