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If you want an exciting and fun career that will give you job security, then becoming a party planner is something to consider. Party planner may sound as an easy job but it entails multiple responsibilities in a given period of time.

What is a party planner?

Party planners organize, execute and conceive special affairs like weddings, corporate receptions, anniversaries, bar, birthday parties and bat mitzvahs. They create design to an event that suit the customers’ budgets and needs.

Duties of a party planner

  • Party planners are also known as event planners or party consultants. These are professionals who are responsible in coordinating, organizing and arranging things for planning an event as requested by their clients. Party planners work hard in order to organize a particular event from stage planning to the actual event day.
  • Party planners assume different responsibilities depending on the request of the client. They initially begin by meeting with their customers in order to determine the kind of party their clients want and the budget they wish to allocate.
  • Party planners listen to their customer’s ideas and make some suggestions to make the event an unforgettable one. They also visit the site that is chosen for the particular event and take images or photos so as to measure the area and create floor plans. This is vital for transforming the area in order to suit for the occasion.
  • Party planners usually perform research and assume the entire responsibilities for planning an event from ordering food services and sending invitations to providing exceptional parking arrangements. They are mostly present during the actual event to be able to handle problems that may arise.

Condition of Work

Party planners spend ample time at the actual site of the event and frequently talk by phone with their suppliers. Their job can be very stressful and demanding with various arrangements that are needed to be accomplished as well as deadlines that should be met.

Educational Requirements

There are no particular educational requirements for a career as party planners. However, large casinos and hotels which employ party planners mostly prefer candidates with GED or high school diploma. Some party planners have prior experience with areas such as design, art or entertainment field.

Occupation and Progress

Salary range for party planners differ greatly and usually range about $20 to $40 hourly. Party planners who work in large casinos and hotels earn larger salaries while others who work in firms usually get paid per hour or per event. Party planners who are self-employed earn about $1,000 up to $3,000 per event.

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