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Logistics Job Description

Most people are still unfamiliar with the roles and responsibilities of logistics. Logistics play a crucial role in various company warehouses. If you want to know their main duties, then reading this article is essential as it talks about the job descriptions of logistics.

What is a logistic?

Logistics are persons who manage the flow of consumer products, services and goods between its point of origin and consumption so as to meet consumer’s needs and requirements. Their work involves proper integration of transportation, information, warehousing, inventory, handling of materials and packaging as well as security. Logistics serve as a channel of supply chain that adds value with time and utility place.

Duties of Logistics

  • Logistics are responsible in checking both quantity and quality of consumer good before, during and after moving the products.
  • They coordinate and control the cycle of the company’s transportation. Logistics are tasked to conduct analysis to company data and plan appropriate improvements in the company’s performance.
  • Logistics are in charge in the allocation of duties for the company’s staff.
  • Logistics should identify logistical problems and plan appropriate solutions. They are in charge in registration of received goods and inventories of dispatched goods.
  • They should also maintain an appropriate logistic database.
  • A logistic supervises the company loaders as well as the transport officers in a particular company.

Conditions of Work

  • Logistics generally work in warehouses of different companies. They also need to work either independently or as part of a team. They should also possess a good sound of negotiating skills.
  • Logistics spend much of their time moving heavy merchandise. With this, good stamina and great strength is essential.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a logistic, candidates are encouraged to have a degree in logistics. Candidates who gained degrees in some other fields can look for courses with units in logistics such as management of supply chain, strategies as well as process of transportation and logistics.

Occupation and Progress

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in United States, job prospects for logistics are expected to raise about 10.21% between 2008 until 2018. Furthermore, the average wage of a logisticians is about $76 000 per annum as of 2010. However, this particular figure differs according to the size of the company, location and the level of work experience.

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