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Customer Service Merchandiser Job Description

Customer Service Merchandisers process sales transactions and help customers find the merchandise they need and purchase them in a prompt and courteous manner.

They are responsible for maintaining a neat, orderly and clean work area, and abide by the company’s policies and procedures.

Nature of Work

Customer Service Merchandisers help customer select and purchase what they need. In performing this duty, they strive to arouse the interest of customers in a product and answer their questions about it. They describe its available models, colors and style and highlight its benefits and features. They may use the product to demonstrate how to operate or use it properly. In order to effectively get the customer’s interest and influence them to buy the product, customer service merchandisers have to know the product extensively. They may also have to handle customer complaints about the merchandise they have purchased. Aside from this function, they may also register the sale on the store’s P.O.S. system or cash register. And because they may have to receive cash or checks, and even credit card payments, give change and issue receipts, they have to understand and execute all payment procedures. They may be assigned to open or close the cash registers or P.O.S. system, count the money, verify and balance transactions and do other related transactions such as depositing money at the store’s cash office. Customer service merchandisers may also handle merchandise returns and exchanges, checking all accompanying accessories if applicable. They may also be required to wrap gifts and stock shelves, mark price tags, prepare merchandise displays and take inventory. To prevent theft, they should know the store’s security procedures and practices.


Customer service merchandisers are not required to have any formal education. A high school diploma or GED is sufficient and most of those in this job have actually learned their functions through on the job training. Above all, they should have excellent customer service skills, organizational and communication skills. They should be attentive to details and have computer knowledge as well.

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