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Inventory Merchandiser Job Description

Inventory Merchandisers are responsible for ensuring that the products assigned to them are displayed properly and attract buyers. Merchandisers usually work for a product manufacturer instead of a particular retail outlet.

However, they need to develop strong relationships with retailers to make sure that both parties receive benefits from the working relationship.

Nature of Work

Merchandisers are typically assigned by a product manufacturer to a specific geographical area where there are retail stores. They are required to visit the stores regularly on schedule for product delivery and inspection. Inventory merchandisers work with the staff of the store, making sure that they understand the product they are selling and any special promotions that are currently being held. They are in charge of delivering new stocks to make sure that adequate inventory level is kept. They must also perform regular inventory audits and find solutions to any existing discrepancies. They are also responsible for cleaning and maintaining merchandise displays and when appropriate put the price on each product as well. Inventory merchandisers are involved in building fitting product displays using materials such as cardboard cutouts, special shelving arrangements and product promotional signs. They compile information and report to their manager about outdated products, inventory deficit and other issues and problems. They see to it that retailers comply with policies and procedures as agreed with the product manufacturer. Such policies may include use and placement of shelves or display of promotional signage during a sales campaign.


Inventory merchandisers should have in-depth knowledge of inventory procedures, accurate record keeping and time management. They should have excellent customer service skills and awareness of security measures to prevent product loss or theft. They must be computer literate and have the ability to work with minimum supervision, with a team and with subordinates and supervisors. They should know how to do risk and threat assessments so they can act accordingly and take proper action; they should know how to prepare incident reports as well.

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  1. Have been a Merchandiser/ inventory representative for the big box stores, Home Depot, Rona, Walmart

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