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Telemarketer Job Description

Telemarketers are primarily sales and marketing representatives doing business using telephones. Some of them do direct selling, while others are into information gathering to help in the identification of buyers or determine which new product can succeed.

Using the telephone, they call private individuals or business establishments to sell goods or services, or if working for charities, request for donations.

Nature of Work

Telemarketers read from a prepared script, delivering sales talk describing a particular product or service while trying to convince potential buyers to purchase them. They call people to explain the features and benefits of products or services, and if they have questions, answer them as well. They call individuals or organizations to get personal information such as their names and addresses, and encode them into a database using computers. They keep records of the prospective customers they have contacted. Using telephone directories and purchased customer lists as sources, telemarketers obtain the names and telephone numbers of prospective customers to call. When necessary and to get more positive response from those they contact, telemarketers modify their sales scripts to address the interests and needs of their target market. They also answer telephone queries from those who have come to know about their product or service through ads and other promotional campaigns. Telemarketers call or write emails and letters to follow up on initial contacts or as a response to customers who have sent inquiries through post or emails. They may also call prospective customers to arrange for their attendance to sales presentations or make appointments for their sales representatives. Telemarketers may also conduct surveys in order to get important information from potential customers or about products.


Telemarketers are not required to have any particular education background although some employers may require a high school diploma or GED. They usually learn through on the job training. They need to have strong sales skills coupled with excellent telephone etiquette. They are required to have excellent and active listening skills in order to understand what potential customers are saying. They should have excellent verbal communication and comprehension skills. They should be able to speak clearly so that potential customers can understand what they are saying.

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