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Visual Merchandiser Job Description

Visual merchandisers design, develop and set up the visual display of a store and the merchandise sold.

They do these as part of advertising, marketing and sales campaigns. They think of strategies to promote merchandise through the creation of visual displays usually in the windows and floor of the store. They also are in charge of inventory, ordering replenishment as needed.

Nature of Work

The responsibilities of visual merchandisers usually depend on the level of visual merchandising efforts required by the retail store but generally, they involve visual display, merchandising training and inventory management. They design visual display or execute the designs created by other visual merchandisers. They create and maintain merchandise presentation geared to attract customers and encourage sales. Visual merchandisers make sure that the company’s style and image is brought to the attention of customers. Towards this end, they make changes to the visual displays, moving merchandise where they will create more positive impact, and modifying shelves and altering fixtures as needed. They are responsible for changing promotional signage, and ensuring that all lighting fixtures and equipment are functioning. Visual merchandisers are also involved in inventory management because they handle the flow and placement of merchandise in the store. They take care of stocks; facilitate merchandise movement and transfers, markdown or price merchandise. They have to know what strategies to execute to prevent merchandise loss. They may also be required to involve themselves in the process of shipping and receiving merchandise to make sure that merchandise is ready before being displayed for sale in the store. Visual merchandisers have always worked in a traditional setting of a brick and mortal retail store but because of the popularity of Internet marketing, they can also be employed by online stores, creating online virtual displays and product presentations.


Retail stores usually look for visual merchandisers with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, visual or fashion merchandising, or other disciplines related with arts. They have to be self-motivated and self-reliant. They should be able to realize the goals set by the store and merchandise manufacturer, and accomplish them on time with least supervision. They should be able to follow and execute both verbal and written instructions. Attention to detail is a great asset to posses. Visual merchandisers must have excellent communication and customer service skills, as well as a high level of organizational ability. They have to be experts on planning, time management and project management. Since they are responsible for visual displays that must attract customers, they should have a strong creative, artistic and problem solving abilities. A basic knowledge of computers may also come in handy.

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