Warehouse Custodian Job Description

Warehouse custodians load and unload goods and supplies and ensure proper handling of the same.

They also ensure the cleanliness and proper stocking of inventory in the work area. They maintain quality in the warehouse and keep track of all damaged inventory and reporting the same to the supervising authorities. They properly pack, label and tag the inventory in the warehouse. They efficiently carry out all orders of the supervisors. They work in accordance with all safety regulations of the warehouse. They coordinate work with fellow workers and other team members.

The Warehouse Custodians must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The warehouse custodians perform preventive maintenance on forklift, truck, and/or railcar.
  • They communicate with workers from other shifts.
  • They clean and maintain work area.
  • They turn off and lock out equipment when not in use.
  • They move waste from assembly line to dumpsters.
  • They operate within standard operating procedures (SOPs) and job safety analysis.
  • They complete daily logs.
  • They package finished product for shipping (shrink wrapping, boxing, labeling).
  • They stage finished product for loading.
  • They load finished product onto truck, aircraft, and/or railcar.
  • They unload raw materials from truck, aircraft, and/or railcar.
  • They move raw materials to warehouse storage.


  • The warehouse custodians must be physically fit and able to lift up to 50lbs.
  • Their manual dexterity is required for operating machinery.
  • They must have some or completion of high school.
  • They should be organized and punctual.
  • They must have basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills required.
  • They must have basic knowledge of using and operating warehouse machinery and equipment.
  • They should have the ability to efficiently coordinate workings with internal and external workers of the company.
  • They should have the ability to work in a team.
  • They must be physically fit and be able to complete all assigned work efficiently.

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