Pets Healthcare

Kennel Manager Job Description

May 9, 2011

Animals are likely the same as humans; they also need a daily care and attention. We should not abuse animals because they’re not toys that we always play with it. If humans will take good care of their pets in return they will take care of you in times of need. So we should also […]

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Kennel Assistant Job Description

April 14, 2011

Every animal needs a home. These poor little guys deserve the all the care they need because they are also living things like us. Veterinarians only focus on curing animal diseases or wounds but they never focused on helping animals. That is why the world needs more people who are considerate enough for the animals. […]

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Dog Groomer Job Description

February 18, 2011

Dogs are branded as man’s best friend and most of us have our own dogs at home. Regardless of what their breeds are, they are as lovable and ever loyal to their owner. They serve as the bodyguards of our homes when we are out or away. Because of that, dogs deserve to be pampered […]

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