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In today’s modern society, people depend greatly on various social media and press to keep them informed on the things that are happening around them. The world of journalism has played an inseparable part of democratic systems in different state.

What is a journalism?

Journalism is the act of investigating and reporting any events, current affairs and incidents with the use of social media like broadcast, print and new media wherein a great number of people can be aware on what is happening across the globe. Journalism typically consists of two essential elements which are reporting and editing.

Duties of a Journalism

  • Reporters investigate and write about crucial happenings and events around us which may greatly affect lots of people directly or indirectly. They present them into the public in a responsible and fair manner.
  • Through reporters press release, contacts, personal interviews, wire agencies, surveys and government briefings, they tend to be knowledgeable about news developments, follows them and files reports.
  • In large organizations, each reporter is provided with a particular beat such as in field like politics, crime, business and sports.
  • In some other genre which is known as feature writing, reporters usually write human interest and soft stories.
  • Editors correct and polish what reporters have composed, be it in print form or broadcast media with the utilization of certain software and hardware.
  • Reporters must also verify correct details, provide headlines as well as highlight crucial parts of a report.

Work Conditions of a Journalism

  • The work of journalism mostly covers with long hours and irregular ones including evening and late night work. Their given assignments can’t be easily dropped just because their shift has finished. They are often called by their heads to cover any unexpected events or development and are frequently obliged to work especially when other people are on weekends or on public holidays.
  • Reporters have an unusual working hours that can be very stressful and can make their social life difficult. Aside from their open ended working hours, there are also unexpected pressures to meet like tight deadlines and they should ensure that the facts they have presented are true and accurate.

Educational Requirements

A degree in journalism is essential to become one. There are several college institutes and universities that provide journalism degrees and diplomas. A good background in political science, language and economics is very helpful in honing the journalist’s skills.

Occupation and Progress

Obtaining a field in journalism entails hard work. This is a great and challenging job which is mostly seen by many as a bit glamorous. While it can be considered prestigious or glamorous, in reality, it means hard work, handling unexpected deadlines, pressures, learning on the run and dealing with irregular working periods. This career can also give you job security as the salary wage is high compared to any other professions.

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