Life Coach Job Description

Life is full of uncertainties. There are times in our life that no matter what we think, we don’t know what certain thing to do in our lives. And being unable to do so make a man unable to function well as a being soon becomes mental incapacitated. When it comes into this, one should seek help from the experts in terms of life coaching.

What is a Life Coach?

Life coach could be anyone; could be trained or professional. Life coach is some sort of a counselor. Life coach is a profession that guides people that are confused on what to do into their lives.

Duties of a Life Coach

Life coach provides people a sense of direction in life in times these people failed to see and choose the right path to meet the desired goals in life. The following are the responsibilities or tasks of a life coach:

  • provides a structured questions for the assessment of the clients problem regarding their lives
  • identifies the problem of the client after assessing the client’s situation
  • sets objectives for the client so that he/she is aware of what is expected to achieve
  • plans the following tasks on what to do with alternatives and most importantly, plan together with the client where he himself realizes on what to do and achieve
  • as the client establishes the plan, life coach should monitor and guide the client so that he will stick to the plan as much as possible, if not, use the alternatives that was being planned
  • evaluates the outcome of the tasks if it meets what was being planned. If the outcome was not met, you revise the plan into something better with the client

Work Condition of a Life Coach

Life coach works at companies, schools, hospitals or any government or private institutes. They have a separate office or section for clients that need guidance for their personal or professional lives.

Educational Requirement of a Life Coach

Life coach is preferably a degree holder either in bachelor, master or doctorate in counseling. In some states, life coaches are required to have state issued license which gives them permit to practice like any other professions. If not, one is required to undergo training where some schools/colleges or even private agencies offer training courses.

Life coach is not always based on what educational attainment they had but also to some skills such as good communication skills where it is very important since it is the key to move a person’s mind and heart and give them a sense of direction. One must also be patient, good listener, have a sense of confidentiality and empathy, and have the ability to maintain a professional emotional distance from the client.

Occupation and Progress of a Life Coach

Life coach is pretty rare yet demanding especially to those depressed persons. If you want to progress into something bigger, you may build your own office or even institute for life coaches, you may also build a training center for those who aspire to become a life coach, or you may have a life coach team or group for collaborative approach for wider work coverage. You can make it possible if you have that strong determination to succeed.

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