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Evangelist Job Description

A Christian evangelist proclaims the story of Jesus Christ and at the same time they also spread God’s words. We often see them everywhere aside from the church where they are supposed to be situated. Theologians have referred to the old time evangelists in the bible and they are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Evangelists are the Christian clerics who are constantly active in attempting to convert others and they are usually called travelling preachers. Currently, the trend of preaching has evolved into a modern way. Some evangelists can be heard or seen speaking and preaching in radio and televisions or even in the internet.

There are two kinds of evangelists known in the Christian community:

  1. Traveling Evangelist
    A traveling evangelist, as its title says, is an evangelist who spends few days or weeks at a particular church and does the preaching and training of the officials of the church about techniques on effective evangelism for their local communities.
  2. Televangelist
    Nowadays, this contemporary world has also influenced and somehow upgraded the mode of preaching of evangelists. Because of that, we can now see evangelists at our own televisions preaching God’s word which caters to millions of watchers worldwide. This is a very convenient way to reach out for every people and they do not need to travel anymore.

As what we have discussed, an evangelist is a preacher of the Gospel of the Lord. Simple preaching in its very sense is the greatest form of evangelism. Now let us move on to what are the specific duties and responsibilities of an evangelist.

  • An Evangelist can either be a male or female. What is good about being an evangelist is that it is not gender specific. Whether you are a male or a female, if you have a calling to preach God’s words, then you are fully welcome to enter the gates of ministry.
  • An Evangelist is a gatherer. This is not just plain gathering of souls. This means that it is their duty to seek the lost and gather them to become a part of Christ’s church. This is very challenging since many people are entitled to their own religion. But the evangelist’s aim to reach out for those people who have no God in them or to those who have not yet known Jesus Christ.
  • An Evangelist is a builder. Similar to its literal meaning, an evangelist is the one who lays the foundations of true Christian hood and discipleship. Their duty here is going beyond the usual giving of an invitation and have the people pray a “sinner’s prayer”. They also have to be certain that Jesus Christ is fully preached and that there is a strong foundation of repentance and faith in each one of the people.
  • An Evangelist is an equipper. This involves Evangelist functioning as a mentor to co-Evangelists and they also serve as trainers to believers to make them faithful disciples.
  • An Evangelist is a strategist. An Evangelist must invent materials and techniques to invite and attract the lost ones and also to make the believers spread the Gospel more efficiently.

The role of an Evangelist in the Christian ministry is very important because they are the ones who should lead the church in faithfulness and serve as a role model to all. Evangelists also raise funds to support their own ministry and charities around the world. They get their support by the gifts and offerings given to them by church or generous individuals.

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