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Executive Pastor Job Description

They say that many are called, but only few are chosen. Ordained Pastors have definitely received a higher calling once admitted into the Ministry of Christ. And it is notable that in the years that passed the ministry has gone through great lengths to communicate with the world in so many ways. With this the ministry even endorses and manages several projects to spread the word of Christ to society.

What is an Executive Pastor?

An Executive Pastor is a supervisory level for an ordained pastor or leader pertaining to a Christian congregation.

Duties of an Executive Pastor

  • The Executive Pastor supports and implements the vision of the church. He coordinates and organizes activities of the church in line with its vision.
  • The Executive Pastor is in-charge of supervising the groundwork for newsletters, bulletins and also announcements to the public. He regularly conducts bible studies and preaches in front of the congregation when needed.
  • He is responsible for administrative duties such as managing the church budget including forums on certain committees. He also supervises hiring of administrative staff and their evaluation in the job. He is also responsible for the development of church policies in accordance with the church’s vision.
  • He is also responsible for coaching and guiding individuals who plan to be a student follower of Christ. He is to cultivate and train individuals so that they can spread the message of Christ. He should encourage and endorse groups who promote the same principles in the community. He should also be able to handle personal differences and divergence among group leaders.
  • The Executive Pastor is also responsible for church services such as weddings, funerals and all other occasional celebrations of the church.
  • He is to assist in the proposed ministry projects including collecting the needed budget and materials needed to do the project. He is also responsible for evaluating the development of the project.

Work condition of an Executive Pastor

  • An Executive Pastor works in an office of the church congregation. In behalf of the congregation, he employs a staff to do the administrative duties of the ministry. He oversees and supervises all employees therefore he may function as a manager. He still lives by his vows.
  • He receives pay as an administrative employee.

Educational Requirements of an Executive Pastor

  • An Executive Pastor should have completed his Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Theology.
  • He has to have a Master’s Degree or Doctor’s Degree in any of the following fields of Theology; Biblical Studies, Christian Leadership, Divine Healing, Worship Ministry, among others.
  • He has to have very good recommendations from other superior Pastors to be appointed Executive pastor.

Occupation and Progress of an Executive Pastor

An ordained Pastor who plans to serve the ministry including the other members of the community will find purpose in functioning in this position. Being an Executive Pastor means not only preaching and praying but having the ministry of Christ reach out to the community. An Executive Pastor nowadays brings justice to its function by serving not only Christ’s ministry but others as well. Aspiring Pastors will feel more at liberty with this profession because of several duties and tasks assigned to him that is beyond the actual duty of a pastor in the old days. Although the ministry still performs within its boundaries, a prospect of doing something more is proven with this profession.

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