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Minister Assistant Job Description

A minister has various roles and responsibilities a religious organization. With this, a minister assistant is important in order to assist the head ministers in helping people develop physical and spiritual growth.

What is a minister assistant?

Ministry assistants assist staff and church minister with communication and administration so as to accomplish many of the different ministry tasks.

Duties of a minister assistant

  • Minister assistants emphasize and recognize the significance and role of every staff in the holistic ministry of the religious congregation.
  • They are responsible in publishing all relevant documents for publications such as newsletters, educational books, brochures and other educational materials.
  • A minister assistant is responsible in printing and layouts of publications.
  • Minister assistants may also work as computer technicians. They serve as an office consultant in various computer issues, perform maintenance regarding the machines in the office, update software and teach staff on how to use software, update and design the religious organization’s website.
  • A minister assistant also assist staff regarding questions, computer issues or other problems that may exist in the workplace.

Condition of Work

A minister assistant often works in the office of any religious organizations. They perform a wide variety of office works such as reception, maintain all office equipments as well as agendas and notify other members for meetings and minutes.

Educational Requirements

  • The basic requirement to become a minister assistant is having a GED or high school diploma. Another factor is having the commitment in working to a religious organization and the desires to grow with faith. A candidate should express willingness to learn and develop other skills significant as a minister.
  • The aspiring candidate should have the capacity to work harmoniously with other staff, congregational members, volunteer and the community.

Occupation and Progress

Job prospects for a minister assistant is expected to decline as there are several minister assistant software available in the internet. With this, a minister assistant is not anymore preferred by some religious organization.

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