KFC Assistant Manager Job Description

Did you know that one of the most in demand professions today is in the food and drink field? One of the most popular positions is being a KFC assistant manager. The rewards and benefits of this position is great which is why it is one of the booming jobs these days.

Are you interested on this profession? Get all the important details regarding this profession below.

What is a KFC Assistant Manager?

As an Assistant Restaurant Manager at KFC, you will rank as the second in command in handling the fast food chain while working together with the fast food chain’s General Manager. This will allow you to acquire the familiarity you need in handling a business at the same time as receiving a considerable amount of earnings. If you are fond of the enthusiasm found typical in most fast food chains, must have the right manner and disposition, and are at least 18 years old with a legitimate driver’s license, then you are fit for this job position.

Duties of a KFC Assistant Manager

  • A KFC assistant manager is responsible in assisting the Restaurant General Manager (RGM) in making a lively and helpful work setting, which is assigned in serving the best chicken ever at the fastest rate and with a smile.
  • A KFC assistant manager is responsible for making sure all Company rules and process are followed as regards to operations, customer service, cash managing, advertising, purchasing, human resources, health and safety, management, training as well as development.
  • A KFC assistant manager is also responsible for managerial development. He is also responsible in helping train new group members and encourages them through regular communications, as well as planned acknowledgment efforts.
  • A KFC assistant manager is responsible in assisting team members in working with customers as they come into the fast food restaurant.
  • A KFC assistant manager is also responsible in preparing the draft product projections and financials which need to be reviewed by the RGM.

Work Condition of a KFC Assistant Manager

  • A KFC assistant manager usually works in the fast food restaurant every day even during weekends and holidays. He or she has a ten to 12 working hours every day and can take overtime if needed especially during holidays and peak seasons.
  • A KFC assistant manager works with his team in welcoming guests and if needed, he or she can also take orders especially during lunch and dinner hours.

Educational Requirements of a KFC Assistant Manager

Here are the general requirements for those who are interested to apply on this profession: You must be 16 years of age or older to be qualified as a team member, and 18 years of age or older to be a shift supervisor or even as an assistant manager. You must also have a valid driver’s license and a dependable automobile to be considered for assistant manager and general manager position, as you might be needed to drive to the bank to deposit the whole day’s income on behalf of the restaurant.

Occupation and Progress of a KFC Assistant Manager

The growing demand for KFC assistant manager position these days is actually becoming higher. The salary is being offered in a very competitive value which actually makes this profession as one of the most preferred professions amongst young and fresh graduates.

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