Waitress Job Description

by admin on September 14, 2009

The job of being a Waitress usually shares the same functions in just about all restaurants but some things may change because of the size or amount of employee’s.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • A Waitress is required to provide excellent customer service to all clients.
  • A Waitress will meet and seat patrons with a warm smile and friendly greeting.
  • A Waitress will present each customer their own menu, in case of children it is common policy to provide crayons to toddlers, high chairs to infants and booster seats if needed.
  • The Waitress is supposed to be able to explain the menu to customers and know the daily specials.
  • The Waitress will take food and drink orders from the patrons.
  • The Waitress will deliver the food and drink orders that she has just previously taken.

The Waitress is the front person in any restaurant who needs to relay information to the cooks and management as needed. She is the one that the customer will see first and the one the customer depends upon to see to it that they get their food in a timely manner, tasting delicious, with a good appearance on the plate. The Waitress does not normally cook or serve the food as this is done in the kitchen but she is to look over the plate at pick-up and if she notices that something is amiss suppose to return it to the cook to finish. For instance if a patron orders white fish with a lemon twist but the lemon is missing then she is to let the cook know before she takes it to the table.

When it comes to serving drinks it is her responsibility to check the age of the one who is ordering any alcoholic beverages to make sure that they are of legal age. Many times the bartender is not within viewing distance of the customers so they rely upon the Waitress to make sure that a minor is not being served any alcoholic beverages. She not only is responsible for conveying orders to the bartender but to the kitchen staff as well. While the customer is enjoying their meal it is the duties of the Waitress to make sure that she refills the drinks as needed.

The customer may finish certain items like salads etc. early so it is the duty of the Waitress to make sure that empty dishes are removed along with used silverware and glasses. When she serves desserts she is to give the customer fresh silverware along with napkins as it is her duty to carry out all the necessary things that a customer needs until all the meal is completed. When she has determined that the customer has finished with the meal it is her job to deliver the check to the customer. Often the Waitress is the one who will collect payment from the customer returning any change thanking them for being a patron.

The Waitress may have some optional duties like taking reservation over the phone or greeting customers at the door and seating them. The Waitress often will help prepare some of the foods like salads etc. When the customer has left the table she will need to help prepare the table for the next customer. The Waitress may also be required to help prepare cocktails for the bartender. She may be required to work the banquet room private parties and for special occasions. A Waitress must be willing to train new servers. If the type of restaurant is one with a buffet bar then you are required to help refill the food items as needed. Since each restaurant has their own requirements for their wait staff you will be expected to learn their policies along with knowing all the compliance with all relevant health department rules and regulations.

A Waitress is expected to be friendly and courteous at all times encouraging customers to complete customer service surveys. She is not permitted to ask for tips even though this is a custom that many Wait Staff receive for serving the customer. It is entirely up to each customer to tip the Waitress as they see fit but in some cases restaurants charge a gratuity rate based on the number of people that the Waitress is serving. The normal fee is about 15% of the total amount of the customers check. In this case the Waitress should not expect an extra tip because the gratuity is their tip.

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