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Loss Prevention Manager Job Description

According to NASP or the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, a shoplifter steals about $13 billion in any merchandise per annum or higher than $35 million every day. Adult shoplifters say that it is difficult for them to stop doing shoplifting even if they’re caught. Most habitual shoplifters get a weekly average of 1.6 times. With this, one of the most challenging careers in merchandise is a loss prevention manager.

What is a loss prevention manager?

A loss prevention manager is a person responsible in protecting the merchandise, product, goods and services of his employer. They play an important role in both the success and safety of retail stores. The primary job of loss prevention managers is preventing the loss of products due to unexpected circumstances like shoplifting.

Duties of a loss prevention manager

  • Loss of prevention managers is responsible in studying the store’s employees, customers and records in order to watch for any suspicious or persons in illegal behavior. If the loss of prevention manager spots a crime incident, they should apprehend the person who commits the crime and turn them over to appropriate authorities.
  • The best skill that loss prevention managers possess is being proactive through developing standard facilities and investigating for new security equipments or technology. They also provide training on their employees on how to spot fraud acts as well as stop theft.
  • Loss prevention managers should also possess great analytical skills in order to analyze quickly on various situations and know whenever a certain crime is happening. A good communication skill is also important so as to be able to interact well with other staff, interview crime suspects and train their employees.

Condition of work

Loss prevention managers usually work in retail merchandise. They typically spend their days of work in studying various security monitors in an office. A loss prevention manager works in different settings such as shopping malls, department stores, jewelry shop and grocery stores.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a loss prevention manager, a bachelor’s degree in business management or any other related field is important. They should also have a good background on law and with good communication skills. However, some employers may only prefer a GED or high school diploma.

Occupation and Progress

According to salary.com, loss prevention managers have a median wage of about $37,406 per annum. According to U.S, Bureau of Statistics, a loss prevention manager in regional retail earns an average wage of $73,624 per annum.

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