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Why You Should Consider Looking For A Lowes Jobs

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Lowes is a brand that is known around the United States. The first location opened in 1946, and it has been building and growing strong ever since. With Lowes locations spread around the U.S. you’ll likely find a location near you and an opportunity to look into Lowes jobs. If you’re searching for a new job, either full time or part time, there are plenty of Lowes jobs available.

Due to the sheer size of a Lowes home improvement store, you’ll find they are almost always hiring. Plus, with a variety of job options and types, you’ll not only find a range of opportunities but several exciting positions available for you. Add on the benefits offered by the company and you’ll find just how beneficial taking one of the available Lowes jobs can be. 

What Is Lowes?

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Lowes is a home improvement store that provides just about anything you might need to tackle a variety of tasks at home, ranging from changing light bulbs to renovating kitchens and installing outdoor decks. The store works in a similar manner to a large grocery store in that there are individual sections found within the stores, you grab a shopping cart, pick up what you need, and then check out.

Lowes’ Services

Beyond the goods sold at the store, you’ll also find additional services offered. The company provides equipment rentals for when you need specialized equipment but don’t want to buy it. Equipment rental varies based on your location, but it can be anything from a power drill and circular saw to a portable cement mixer or stone cutter. Chances are, if there’s a job you need tackling at home you’ll find the right tools at Lowes. You can also rent vehicles ranging from pickup trucks to small construction devices. Again, this will depend on the location, but there is a wide range of rental opportunities available.

Lowes’ Classes

Lowes also provides classes. Whether it’s installing tiling in a bathroom or painting a house, there are classes for how to perform these tasks like a pro. Many of the classes are given by Lowes professionals who have worked within the industry or by local contractors and service providers.

Lowes’ Goods

Regarding the merchandise, there’s no limit to what you’ll find here. You can find varying kinds of wood for all your building projects. You’ll find plumbing, painting, and electrical equipment, tools, and just about everything else you’ll need for a home project. You’ll also find a garden area with a variety of in-season flowers to help with your indoor and outdoor gardens. During the holiday seasons you can come in and purchase a Christmas tree, ornaments, and other decorations help bring in the holidays and show off your festive spirit.

What Types Of Lowes Jobs Are Available?

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With the size of a Lowes, there are all kinds of Lowes jobs available. Each store is a little different, so what is available at one location may not be available at others. However, with the sheer volume of Lowes jobs you will probably find something that’s up your alley, or at the very least, interest. If you’re interested in a certain kind of position, Lowes offers paid training so you can learn more about the services and the equipment before you begin selling the products and assisting customers.

Customer Service

The main staff are customer service associates. These individuals typically work in specific sections. Instead of having roamers working the entire store, you’ll find professionals working in individual sections. Some customer service associates will work in the large appliance department while others will work in the paint or the lumber department. There are others who will work in the power tool department.

This is designed so that customers can receive improved answers on questions they might have. With so many items sold at Lowes, it’s impossible to expect someone to have insights on everything. That’s why Lowes has found it better to segment its employees and place individuals within specialized departments.

Drivers And Unloaders

Outside of the customer service associated there are cashier positions, delivery drivers, and unloaders. If you have previous experience working as a cashier, this is an excellent position for you to begin. On the other hand, if you’d like to avoid working directly with customers and would instead like to work with your hands, unloading and loading up trucks is one option. Delivery drivers are available, although these positions are typically only available in distribution center regions, as the trucks leave the distribution centers and drive across the region delivering goods.

Specialized Positions

Beyond the traditional staff there are individual positions that work with the machinery. If you have experience cutting lumber you can take on one of the Lowes jobs that will cut the lumber of a customer down to size. There are individuals who will rent out the power tools and take down information for those renting the equipment to make sure their qualifications check out.

Additionally, there are Lowes jobs that include working as shift managers, department managers, and store managers. These are positions that usually require previous experience working in Lowes. You would need to work within a specific department before moving up into the department manager position. You might also gain experience in different departments, which would allow you to become a shift manager. Eventually, you may move up to a store manager and key holder.

There are several opportunities for advancing within the company. If you take advantage of Lowes jobs, you’ll find several opportunities to move up and to eventually move up to the corporate level, is you’re so interested.

Why Work At Lowes?


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There are several reasons why you should consider working at Lowes. Lowes jobs offer a number of ways to advance, so you’ll never be stuck in a dead-end job. As long as your motivated, there is always the opportunity to advance. Plus, with so many locations you’ll be able to move around the country and work at different Lowes stores should you so choose. Beyond this, there are additional benefits you should consider when looking at potential Lowes jobs and store positions.

Insurance Coverage

There are several health insurance options you can choose from when employed at Lowe’s. The company offers you three different coverage options, with costs that depend on the annual deductible you have and what kind of up-front price for services you’re able to pay. Health insurance benefits cover your family, too.

Beyond the insurance coverage there is a prescription drug plan. With the prescription drug insurance you’ll pay just $10 for generic medication and 35% of both formulary and non-formulary medications. For specialty drugs, you’ll top out at paying $75 for the medication.

Additionally, the health plan coverage comes with a dental plan (there are two options) and a vision plan (two vision options as well).

Life Insurance

There are several life insurance options available when you work at Lowes. The life insurance policy you qualify for will vary depending on if you’re hourly or have a salary. If you have a family and children, are expecting, or are married, you can obtain life insurance to provide for your family should anything ever happen to you.

Income Protection

There are times where you cannot work. You might be sick or you might be injured, but normally this means money out of your pocket. With the income protection service through Lowes you won’t take the same financial hit. You receive six sick days per year at Lowes and these days accumulate.

If you’re forced to go on short-term disability, you will receive benefits after the first 15 days if you are an hourly employee (or after all of your sick days have been used up) or after three days if you are a full-time salaried employee. If you are an hourly employee, you will receive 60 percent of your base weekly pay. If you’re a salaried employee, you’ll receive 100 percent of your pay.

Retirement And Investment Plans

You are eligible to put money into the Lowes 401(k) retirement plan after working six months. You can save up to $18,000 annually (depositing anywhere from 1 percent to 50 percent of your financial compensation) into the account. The company will match the first three percent you put away every pay period.

There is also a stock purchase plan option. When you purchase Lowe’s stock, you can do so at a 15 percent discounted price. If you take part in the Purchase Plan through the company, which takes out a flat fee annually, you can purchase stock at 20 percent of the going rate.


Lowes has been around for over 80 years and is now one of the largest companies in the country. With a large number of benefits and job openings, nearly every Lowes will have some kind of job opening you can apply for. You’ll never be in a dead-end job and there’s the opportunity to advance within the company, working at Lowes is a great way to not only get your footing in a quality position but to establish yourself in an excellent business you can thrive in.

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