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Retail Store Cashier Job Description

Retail Store Cashiers facilitate the purchases and returns made by customers in retail stores. They are in charge of entering their purchases in the cash register and putting them in a bag.

They are also responsible for accepting payments in different forms, and providing receipts issued through the cash register. The may also handle merchandise exchanges or returns. When necessary, they may ask stock clerks to check price of goods and bag them in the absence of a bagger.

Nature of Work

It is the duty of the retail store cashier to make sure that the cash left in the cash register drawer matches all the receipts at the end of the business day. They process the sales of merchandise for the store. They scan the items to be purchased and add it to the total together with the rest of the purchases. They receive payments in different forms such as cash, credit card, debit card, checks or even food stamps. If applicable, they also process coupons or give credits for returned merchandise. They give change or cash back to those who made their purchase through credit or debit. Retail store cashiers are in charge of the cash drawer. There is a specific amount of money there at the start of the business day and they must make sure that the money remaining there at the end of the day is correct. To make sure of this, they must give the right amount of change and charge the right amount of money for each transaction. Modern cash registers are able to accurately track sales so the cashier and management can run reports any time of the day to monitor cash flow. Because cashiers are usually the first and last person to be in contact with customers, cashiers should be well versed in the art of customer service. They greet customers who come in to the store, assist them in finding what they need, help resolve their complaints and make sure that the items they purchased are bagged or packaged securely. They may also have to run errands for managers, mop floors, wipe down counters or distribute checks.


Retail store cashiers are not required to have any formal educational background except for the usual high school diploma or GED. They usually receive on the job training, supervised by a manager. Candidates must have basic math skills, and should have the ability to offer more than the basic customer service. They should be attentive to details and have acceptable appearance.

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