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Fire Chief Job Description

Fire chief is the highest rank officer in fire department. Being the highest ranking officer, the fire chief is responsible for the safety among the people in the community. Fire men are the living heroes of today. They have been a great contributor of a successful community. They are important because aside from security departments who have been guiding and keeping the community safe, by their presence, the community is much safer. If you like to become a fire man or a fire chief, there is really a great chance for you to consider this as your profession or your job. You do not only have that acknowledgement of saving other’s lives but you can also be acknowledged in doing something for the betterment of your community.

What is a Fire Chief?

A fire chief is the highest commander of the fire department. He is responsible for carrying out a safe and secure community. The fire chief may be elected or can be appointed by higher rank. He may be assisted by two assistants in preparing his team with regards to the preparedness in terms of safety and disasters, emergency situations, and other related discipline. He also gives specific commands and task to his fire men. Fire Chiefs are the ones giving direct instructions on what to do and what to prepare. They also collaborate with other departments to achieve the aims and goals of the office.

Duties of a Fire Chief

Since the fire chief is the head of the fire department, he has a lot of duties and responsibilities that he needs to accomplish as per expected by his subordinates.

The following are the specific tasks of a fire chief:

  1. A fire chief leads in inspection of fire and safety hazards of the community.
  2. He makes sure that any business established follows the protocol of fire safety.
  3. A chief also is responsible and takes in charge of issuing permits and other related licenses.
  4. During a fire scene, the chief leads and is the primary command giver in order to ensure safety and effective command and response.
  5. The fire chief also helps in identifying the cause of fire and keeps a record or any loss during the event.
  6. The chief also gives specific tasks to his crew in order for them to effectively and efficiently function during an event.
  7. The chief oversees the needs of the department, knows how to budget effectively. He must control the department’s expenditures, and keeps tracks or records of the departments expenses.
  8. He makes sure that all fire equipments are functioning well and he is responsible for overlooking what additional equipment is needed and what the department must have in order to update themselves to new practices of fire fighting.

Work Condition of a Fire Chief

A fire chief works under pressure especially during disasters, emergency situations, and catastrophes as well as other members of the crew or the department. At times of fire scenarios, fire chief including the crew is exposed to smoke, fire, hazardous chemicals and gases, or even radiation. They have special gadgets or heavy protective clothing to protect them during fire fighting.

Ideal Skills Required of a Fire Chief

An effective fire chief is required to be good in leadership. He must also be good in organization, management and decision making. He must also be good in time management. A chief can have a lot of problems that he may encounter. The chief must be good not only in skills but also must possess the right attitude and characters. He must also be physically and mentally well, and ready to do extreme type of works or challenges.

Educational Qualifications of a Fire Chief

At least a college degree is required for most fire departments. Aside from that, a fire chief must embody skills like leadership, analysis, management skills, good communication, good in negotiation and has skill on public relations.

Remuneration of a Fire Chief

An annual average salary for a fire chief is 175 000 USD according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. Aside from their salary, they are also benefited with medical, dental and insurances.

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