Old Navy Sales Associate Job Description

There are lots of brands that are now very popular especially in America. Old Navy is a clothing brand in US that is owned by Gap, Inc. with corporate operations in San Bruno, California and San Francisco, California. In order to succeed in this kind of business, one must have a very important asset that can make this business grow. A sales associate play a very important role in businesses. One of the major responsibilities of an Old Navy sales associate is to greet and acknowledge the customer or clients within ten feet of entering the department or area. To know more about the job description of Old Navy sales associate, let’s discuss about this job.

What is an Old Navy Sales Associate?

An Old Navy sales associate is a person who is usually greets and acknowledges the customers and clients ten feet upon entering the area. They are also the one who educate the customers about the benefit of the Old Navy Card.

Duties of an Old Navy Sales Associate

  • A sales associate is responsible in acknowledging additional customers and also setting the expectations for the service. They are also assigned in educating customers about the benefits of the Old Navy Card.
  • They are also assigned to prioritize the assisting of customers over any other tasks. They are also tasked in following all the cash handling procedures per company guidelines.
  • They must also greet and acknowledge the customers with a smile. They also provide a prompt and courteous customer service which makes customers to come again.
  • They also send the customers away happy and satisfied enough to pass on nice feedback about the products and services of the company along with the other people. They are also assigned to ensure the basic and seasonal replenishment such as merchandising and operational programs that are organized to improve profitability and sales.

Work Conditions of an Old Navy Sales Associate

An Old Navy sales associate usually sat in the back room. They are usually working in well-ventilated, fully air conditioned and well-lighted offices. The work of an Old Navy sales associate is a lot of walking, standing and basic lifting.

Educational Requirements of an Old Navy Sales Associate

To become a sales associate, one must have a high school diploma. The applicant must also have the ability to lift up to 50 lbs. He/she must also have the ability to stand and move 100% of the time. The applicant must also at least 16 years of age.

Occupation and Progress of an Old Navy Sales Associate

This profession is very in demand nowadays. Some of the sales associates are now pursuing to become manager over time. The thing about entering the field of salesmanship is that the possibility of other sources of incomes aside from the basic salary is endless. The essential skills of leadership can be developed as time goes by.

Success in most careers is determined by the best way to conceive it. Your imagination is often a blueprint of what will happen in the world you are living. Success is usually a product of determination, diligence, continuous learning, acquiring appropriate knowledge and faith.

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