Outbound Call Center Job Description

by Publishing Team on May 10, 2011

Sometimes we receive calls from people who sell products, ask surveys and ask us different things about certain services, they are called Outbound Call Center. They are hired to speak to clients in behalf of the different organizations. If you think you have the ability to deal with people then this is the career for you.

What is an Outbound Call Center Job Description?

Outbound Call Center is someone who makes phone calls in behalf of a company, business to customers. They make outbound calls to sale something, request donations, conduct follow-up, make appointments, gather or share information that can include telemarketing and surveys.

Duties of an Outbound Call Center

  • Outbound Call Center interacts with customers or other business firms through phone or e-mail for different purposes. They work with pre picked phone numbers and they are equipped with headsets and computers. They send prepared sales script in selling something to prospective customers to pay for the products or services that the company is selling.
  • Describing the services and products that they’re company is offering is another of duty an Outbound Call Center. They respond to questions that most of their clients ask and get information about their customer. They get hold of potential client leads and perform follow up from the first contact they had.
  • Outbound Call Center also makes campaigns for targeted sales to increase the sales of their company from business customers. They are also responsible in entering data and keep up the database of their customers or possible customers. Another duty of an Outbound Call Center is to maintain the records of the interactions, orders, and payments made by their clients.
  • An Outbound Call Center in addition works with their clients to improve the service that they are offering. Clients who have trouble with their products would contact Outbound Call Center to ask for assistance. One of their most vital responsibilities is to verify account information and make sure that orders are properly completed.

Work Condition of an Outbound Call Center

An Outbound Call Center works in a fast paced office environment. They have a sedentary job where they will be sitting for long hours while they call clients for various purposes. They usually have various shifts since they have clients from different places and have unlike time zones. Outbound Call Center also works during weekdays and even on holidays.

Educational Requirements of an Outbound Call Center

To be an Outbound Call Center there is no specific educational requirement needed. Nevertheless, most of the employers would require applicants to have at least a high school diploma. Companies would usually give training to their employees before they are allowed to work and deal with customers.

Occupation and Progress of an Outbound Call Center

The job opportunity for Outbound Call Center fluctuates from time to time since they depend on the industries that hire them. They need to be an expert in required computer applications, excellent communication skills, remarkable telephone etiquette and the ability to maintain customer information confidential for them to gain promotions. Having a positive attitude and ability to work and communicate with others is very vital to be successful in this career.

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