Outside Sales Associate Job Description

It is the main responsibility of an outside sales associate to determine, generate, and capture the sales in and outside a particular organization.

One of the tasks an outside sales associate does is to take order of existing customers and secure prospective clients who are not members yet through the use of telephone communicationg or personal visitation. An effective and detailed information on programs, projects, and other services should also be provided by an outside sales assocaite.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Appointment schedule, personal meet up with customers to review product requirements, determine available opportunities.
  • Conduct sales presentations by meeting with current customers on a day to day basis.
  • Design and presents certain company presentations focused mainly of the products and services while on site.
  • Serve as the middle man or the point person between the company and the customers to give current updates on the condition on pricing, service and latest product release launches.
  • Generate and develop non customer business accounts to increase sales mainly through the use of cold calling.
  • Update all current customers on the improvements done to certain products as well as the changes and enhancements undertaken.

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